My Life as a Work-in-Progress

(n.) An unfinished project that is being added to or developed

Lately, I've been using this term to define not only any backlog actions that I have left hanging up for yrs, I also associate the term to my own life.

You see, I am so familiar with the term due to my Accounting background yet I get to use it more in my non-work than in work. I keep on utilizing the phrase beyond what was taught of me back in my university days.

As I hit the big 3-0 last week, 02.07, I further realized that I may have wasted a lot of time dilly-dallying in a way that I didn't work towards my own dreams and aspirations, that I only enjoyed the present and didn't think about anything in the future, that I disregarded my possible future bec. of the harsh reality that I could also die anytime and that I do not want to die not doing the things that I want to do in life, that I neglected taking care of my being.

I won't be able to return back the time that lapsed however I can only move forward and start working on the things that I have to do to attain my goals in life. No, not only travel goals or any bucket list, but my dreams and aspirations, the things that I keep on wanting yet haven't worked on them for years.

Yes, I do acknowledge the fact that I got astray from them. However, now that I made myself clear of what I really want in life, there's nothing to stop me now. It may not be an easy feat but I believe we will get there eventually.

I may be needing some more raw materials to supplement my current inventory in order to fulfill the production and attain the finished product but definitely, every single step right now is essential for the work-in-progress that is my life.