My Life as a Work-in-Progress

(n.) An unfinished project that is being added to or developed

Lately, I've been using this term to define not only any backlog actions that I have left hanging up for yrs, I also associate the term to my own life.

You see, I am so familiar with the term due to my Accounting background yet I get to use it more in my non-work than in work. I keep on utilizing the phrase beyond what was taught of me back in my university days.


Long Time No Blog

After 2 yrs 4 months, here we are in this blog. In all honesty, I miss blogging. I don't know where to begin because a lot of things happened that words weren't enough to express them.

I did celebrate and welcome my 30th year of existence last Friday, 02.07. I realize I have a lot of things to fix in my life, things that I love doing before then abruptly stopped doing due to reasons. I know these are invalid however life really took a toll out of me and I went astray to my original plans and headed to a different direction.

Anyways, this should be a short 'welcome back' to me to this blog. I am planning to fix my topics to share here.

First up will be my 2020 Mantra and Vibe: Slowly but surely yet steadily.