I Miss My Friends But Do They Miss Me As Well?

Time Check: 5.15 am JST

No, I am not really on JST; it was just a habit that I can't seem to remove for years already. I know I should be reading time in PH time [GMT +8:00, so you know], but my heart reprimands my head to stick with JST/KST.

Current Mood: tears are overflowing over people that were part of my being for years prior the current. They're still part of my being, in one way or another, but the loss of contact and everything in-between is what makes me cry at this ungodly hour. The soju, which I wholly consumed earlier, had nothing to do with this feeling.


My Life as a Work-in-Progress

(n.) An unfinished project that is being added to or developed

Lately, I've been using this term to define not only any backlog actions that I have left hanging up for yrs, I also associate the term to my own life.

You see, I am so familiar with the term due to my Accounting background yet I get to use it more in my non-work than in work. I keep on utilizing the phrase beyond what was taught of me back in my university days.


Long Time No Blog

After 2 yrs 4 months, here we are in this blog. In all honesty, I miss blogging. I don't know where to begin because a lot of things happened that words weren't enough to express them.

I did celebrate and welcome my 30th year of existence last Friday, 02.07. I realize I have a lot of things to fix in my life, things that I love doing before then abruptly stopped doing due to reasons. I know these are invalid however life really took a toll out of me and I went astray to my original plans and headed to a different direction.

Anyways, this should be a short 'welcome back' to me to this blog. I am planning to fix my topics to share here.

First up will be my 2020 Mantra and Vibe: Slowly but surely yet steadily.