Always Check Your Mails

Have you ever found yourself wading through a more than thousand and two of mails, electronically that is, that takes you back to time?

Have you ever thought that you didn't get any news back then only to find out that you just didn't look properly?

That you just learned that you received them back before, after n years of first receiving them?

I have. And it is not easy to check on them one-by-one.

If not for a newly-registered account from a cheap airline I wouldn't know this.

If ever I missed something years ago, would it be easy to bring it back?

No, especially with the time that had passed before me.

It will not, and never will be.

So what's the catch of checking out these mails, if I won't bring them back anymore?

The time may have passed but the memories will linger.

The should be's.

The could have's.

The would have's.

The probably's.

The now's.

But because you didn't properly read your mails your life is different.

Just a friendly reminder: Always check you mails, as frequently as possible.

You might miss out on something if you don't.