My Pre-Birthday Confusion

Have you ever been so confused that no matter how you make your decisions you are not simply satisfied with and by it?

I have, and it's not funny.

You see, in 4 days I'll be saying goodbye to my 25th year to welcome my 26th. I am actually tortured with having the day by myself or sharing it with some people, aside from my family. I've been skipping and getting away from my family every time it's my birthday to be honest hehehe~

Going back.

Yesterday, I mean the other day, I have already decided to make plans to pack my bags and go to Tagaytay. I already googled the things that I should do in there, including the how-tos in relation to transportation there and set my mind that I will be bringing with me a jacket, cameras, and a bunch of other stuff that I will be needed once I made that solo trip.

And so I thought.

I stumbled upon this short but informative article yesterday about having a date on Valentine's Day for Php1,500.00 and less and it includes some areas in Rizal that are good for those who are into arts [or appreciates it, at least]. You may read the article here.

Being someone who was born under the National Arts Month, I think it was natural for me to be fascinated by such that I automatically made some plans inside my head as to how to do those activities.

Yep, you read it right; my brain automatically shifted from 'Finalizing Tagaytay Nature Trip' to 'Initializing Rizal Arts Trip'. Not to mention that in reality, I am bysofar nearer to Rizal than Tagaytay; if coming from Mandaluyong, I am just going eastward to Rizal that southward to Tagaytay.

Forgetting about where to spend my day for a bit, right now I am having an internal battle between sending a message to some of my close friends for a short meet-up on the eve of my birthday or not.

The man reason why I don't want to send the elusive message and ask them is because I want to stay solo on my day. However the other me is itching for companionship before and during my special day. I am so torn and confused that I do not know what to do.

In Korean words, Aigoo~ ottoke~

I am exhibiting signs of being an ambivert and it has just been recently that I learned I am one, not an introvert or an extrovert. I will discuss being an ambivert some other time.

I know that I should decide things on my own but a little help is not bad, right? So if I were you, how, where, and with who should I spend my day?

I hope I come up with a decision before the weekend arrives because I will be definitely be worried if I don't.


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