My ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila - 35XXXV Asia Tour Experience

Last Tuesday, 01.19.16, the Mall of Asia Arena got owned by Japan's leading rock band, ONE OK ROCK. The band, which started way back in 2005, performed here in Manila for the first time as part of 35XXXV Asia Tour.

They were finished with Hong Kong and Taipei. This time, it was Manila's time to welcome Taka [vocals], Toru [guitars], Ryota [bass], and Tomoya [drums] as they perform their hits from their album 35XXXV Deluxe edition.

As early as 11.00 am, fans started to line up outside the concert venue. Mind you, we weren't able to go inside the arena until 7.00 in the evening and the show didn't started until 8.30!

I arrived at the MoA Arena grounds at 3.30 pm and saw that there are lines already. I checked first where can I get my pre-ordered ONE OK ROCK shirts and claimed it. Then when I saw that there was a beanie being sold as well, I lined up to buy only to find out that it was already sold-out.

Time check: 4.08 pm

People started to sit down while waiting for gates to open

People on-line again before entering the concert venue
While waiting for the concert, albeit all the hustle and bustle of lining up and everything in between, I was able to see and meet some of my friends from all walks of life. I was able to see a HS batchmate/classmate who I haven't seen for 8 yrs, some Rusher/Monster friends who are also otakus like me, some cosplay friends [cosplayers and photographers alike]. I also missed some however knowing that they were there as well to support ONE OK ROCK is a great feeling already.

Here are some unposted photos that I took right before the concert started:

Blurred Lights
Guess who's excited? :D
Flares pa!
Signature pose lol :P
 After an hour of getting in to the arena, the show started with lots of lightshow and headbanging moves from ONE OK ROCK.

If you are lost with the setlist just as I was during the concert itself, here are the songs that they played before the Filipino audience, as per AnimePH [intro and inserts were added]:

1. 35XXXV [Introduction]
2. Take Me To The Top
3. Memories
4. Deeper Deeper -from JinseixBoku
5. Stuck in the Middle
6. Clock Strikes -from JinseixBoku
7. Last Dance
7.1. Toru, Tomo, and Ryo's solo instrumentals
8. Cry Out
9. Heartache
10. Decision
11. Suddenly
12. The Beginning -from JinseixBoku
13. Mighty Long Fall

14. Wherever You Are -from Niche Syndrome
15. No Scared -from Zankyo Reference
16. Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer -from Niche Syndrome

Most of the songs were from their album 35XXXV Deluxe Edition unless otherwise stated.

It is to be noted that the Manila set was just as same as the Taipei set. Also, I was informed that during their HK leg, the band didn't play any encore song. I have to further check on this.

I had a great time watching them perform and listening to them live. Their prowess didn't change; it's as if you're listening to their albums. The only thing that was saddening about this event was that there are some who didn't follow Amuse Inc.'s instructions of no recording of any sort and no light paraphernalia to be used. Here's the complete instruction for Manila and Bangkok leg of the Asian Tour:

ONE OK ROCK2016 "35xxxv" ASIA TOUR(Manila, Bangkok, Singapore)2 Major Important General Concert Rules:(Reminder for...

After the concert, there were some who dare post their videos online. Such act! Don't they have any shame? I really got irate about that, hence my posts on the ONE OK ROCK Event Page. I seriously don't get why people didn't follow simple rules and at the same time post their wrongdoings online.

Going back to my experience, it was hell great! I admit I do not recall lyrics of some of the songs that they played that night, I was glad that I was part of their iconic performance here in Manila. I captured some photos that immortalized how awesome that night, the crowd, and the band was.

A photo posted by Ma. Angelie Maglana (@angelienajolly) on

A photo posted by Ma. Angelie Maglana (@angelienajolly) on

A photo posted by Ma. Angelie Maglana (@angelienajolly) on

A photo posted by Ma. Angelie Maglana (@angelienajolly) on

I only captured some nice pics as everyone was going wild and crazy with the band. We were all jumping and shouting and screaming out loud!

Mind you, when they started playing the intro for Heartache, most of us brought out our phones to form a sea of lights, as shown below:

You can check out Toru's IG post as well. He captured the most beautiful photo of Manila's Sea of Lights during HEartache:

A photo posted by TORU ONE OK ROCK (@toru_10969) on

For more awesome photos during Manila leg of 35XXXV Asia Tour, I suggest you head to the concert's official Photographer Julenphoto's FB Page.

I will definitely watch them again once they come back here in Manila. If ever I get the chance to watch them as well in other places [just like if I happen to be in Tokyo], I'd definitely buy their concert ticket and merchandise!

Would I recommend this band to my friend? a big yes! Should I push them to buy tickets to watch ONE OK ROCK? I will definitely! If they are into a band that's full of energy and at the same time has a soul on their performance, ONE OK ROCK is definitely a band to look for!

Will leave you with Taka's IG Post of how incredible the Manila crowd was while I listen to the concert set list all over again #postconcertdepression.

A video posted by Taka (@10969taka) on

You may check out the following SNS for updates on ONE OK ROCK:
Official Website: ONE OK ROCK
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ONEOKROCK/
Twitter: @ONEOKROCK_Japan
Youtube: ONEOKROCKchannel
Instagram: @oneokrockofficial

Please do come back to the Philippines, ONE OK ROCK!