My First #GrabBike Experience

I went out today to claim my ONE OK ROCK VIP Standing tickets from PULP Live World Office in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City and I was thinking of a faster way to get there. I even calculated the time and money it will take for me to reach the office if I take the public transpos such as jeep, taxi, and the likes.

Then I remember GrabBike.

I am a frequent passenger/user of GrabTaxi and sometimes GrabCar [when GrabTaxi fails] and I can assure to everyone that their services are great so I don't doubt GrabBike.

Yesterday I booked one for the first time but it was not for me; it was for my cousin who had a 10.30-am flight to Legazpi City, Albay. We weren't able to book any taxis then I saw GrabBike. After 5 minutes of waiting, someone came in, with full gear on. Forty minutes after my cousin took the ride, she said she finally arrived in the airport. So I know that GrabBike is as efficient as its sister-services.

Then came in today's mission. I didn't hesitate at all to book one to E. Rodriguez in front of St. Luke Medical Center. So I put in the info and someone took the bait haha!

So much for my first time...
My first ever GrabBike ride was with Kuya Marlon who picked me up from the gate of Treetop Villas. He told me he came from Makati and asked me if I waited for too long. I told him I wasn't. Then during the ride, he asked me some other questions to keep the conversation going like 'It seems like I am working too far from my place' and so on. We had a good talk however I was also pre-occupied with my Periscope broadcast [and he with the driving] that the conversation got cut-off in the midst of the ride.

If you want to view my first ride, you can visit my Periscope page and or my Facebook page.

Direct links can be found here and here.

Hooray for my savior!
So after I finished my business with PULP Live World [I was able to go to the nearest Family Mart, go back to the office, and get some EXO posters as well], I decided to go somewhere to deliver the posters. I was booking another GrabBike ride however no one was responding that's why I decided to go straight home. That was when someone responded to my booking.

Kuya Jojo came in 10 mins after I have booked him. Seeing that he came from Quezon Ave. area through my phone, I didn't reprimand him for being late or asked him reasons for that. When he arrived, he asked for forgiveness that he was behind minutes. I told him that it was ok. Before I had the ride home, he asked me where my place is located, if it was in Tivoli Garden [a big condominium near my place] and told him it was a different one but near that. Then I took the ride. During the ride, I also had a little convo with Kuya Jojo; I asked him if he's a full-time employee of GrabBike, the incentives that they got, and how was the business. I was a curious, little passenger that everytime I ride a new service from Grab I ask them some questions, towhich the drivers answer with all honesty.

I helped him navigate our way to my place. I told him some shortcuts and some roads that we can take to avoid the traffic jams that was beginning to bundle up in San Juan area. In less than an hour, I was back home! Another satisfied customer of GrabBike here.

Did I mention that before they take their Grabbers [I baptize the Grab app users such hehe] for the bike service, they offer you a face mask and a shower [hair] cap for hygiene purposes. However, since I am wearing my own face mask [I am currently sick and am required to wear one to avoid inhaling too much pollution because my weak lungs can't take it], I politely declined the masks and the cap as well [so that they can give them to the next grabber].

Overall, I am impressed with the service. Some might be afraid as to the driving prowess of the motorcyclists in the metro, with how they go and pass through each vehicle that they come across. I assure you, the GrabBikers may know how to do their job efficiently however it is with care. They will not speed up if it's not really needed; they will stop at red lights; they will follow traffic regulations. To make it short, they will drive for you with utmost care!

Will I recommend GrabBike to others? Definitely! Will I ride one again soon? Who knows? But as far as I know, if I need to ride one, I will definitely book a ride to any of the Grab services because I am one proud Grabber here!

Here are some pics that I took during my ride home. Enjoy!
no, i am not irritated by the ride. blame the sun! :D  

nice jacket, isn't it?
just me and my ride in the street of metro
no, i am not spotting the guys walking over there, oke?

P.S. This is not a paid advertisement. This is just my thoughts on the service provided to me. For any concern, comment, suggestion, and violent reaction on the Grab service, please contact their respective Customer Support Hotline.