Always Check Your Mails

Have you ever found yourself wading through a more than thousand and two of mails, electronically that is, that takes you back to time?

Have you ever thought that you didn't get any news back then only to find out that you just didn't look properly?

That you just learned that you received them back before, after n years of first receiving them?

I have. And it is not easy to check on them one-by-one.


My Pre-Birthday Confusion

Have you ever been so confused that no matter how you make your decisions you are not simply satisfied with and by it?

I have, and it's not funny.

You see, in 4 days I'll be saying goodbye to my 25th year to welcome my 26th. I am actually tortured with having the day by myself or sharing it with some people, aside from my family. I've been skipping and getting away from my family every time it's my birthday to be honest hehehe~


My ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila - 35XXXV Asia Tour Experience

Last Tuesday, 01.19.16, the Mall of Asia Arena got owned by Japan's leading rock band, ONE OK ROCK. The band, which started way back in 2005, performed here in Manila for the first time as part of 35XXXV Asia Tour.

They were finished with Hong Kong and Taipei. This time, it was Manila's time to welcome Taka [vocals], Toru [guitars], Ryota [bass], and Tomoya [drums] as they perform their hits from their album 35XXXV Deluxe edition.


My First #GrabBike Experience

I went out today to claim my ONE OK ROCK VIP Standing tickets from PULP Live World Office in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City and I was thinking of a faster way to get there. I even calculated the time and money it will take for me to reach the office if I take the public transpos such as jeep, taxi, and the likes.

Then I remember GrabBike.

I am a frequent passenger/user of GrabTaxi and sometimes GrabCar [when GrabTaxi fails] and I can assure to everyone that their services are great so I don't doubt GrabBike.