Where I Am Now?

It has been  2 months and 10 day since I got employed in the call center industry, and  a month and 7 days since I started taking up calls.

How am I right now? Am I doing fine?

If I get to answer those questions above in all honesty, I am saying 'No, I am not fine and I am not feeling well and sure about this anymore'.

This is news to me, I, being a fighter, don't just say suddenly that I am not sure about something as early as this. I usually fight until my last breath, until the end. However, if I don't get these feelings out from my system I believe I will break down. Completely.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am employed in an industry that requires talking to English and conversing to clients located in America for their issues with regards to their laptops and what-not. You see, I was able to overcome that tiny fear of conversing to them the things that they need from me, from us. However, I cannot take the fact that there are really some clients who think highly of themselves and just dropped the phone while you are still explaining the things from your end. I mean, come on, where are your manners?

I also do not want the set-up that we have in the company. We have to be at least 30 mins earlier than the required work hours for us to be able to pull up all the necessary tools for the calls. Not to mention we don''t have our own work stations; we need to look for a diff one if someone suddenly seated in the station that you usually use.

That fact makes me feel more tired than ever. I travel from Mandaluyong City to MoA complex in Pasay City via EDSA. Yep, you read it: I am travelling to and fro my office through the world's worst traffic road. If I need to be in the office at least 30 mins before the time, I need to allot at least 2 hrs of travel from my place. However, since I am on EDSA during rush hour, I need to allot an extra hour for me to be able to reach my office on time.

That makes me feel like I am in the office for 10-11 hours. My shift starts at 9.00 pm GMT +8 then ends at 6.00am GMT +8. However since I need to be earlier, I arrive in the office area around 8.00 pm then eats somewhere till 8.30pm before heading to the office. Then the shift ends at 6.00 am but it doesn't stop there. We might have logged out from the phone application however we still need to attend some meetings or group huddles, and those are not included in the Overtime. We get out of the office around 6.30 - 7.00 am.

There's really a big change in the work environment that I am in. I need to be early in the office since the calls are coming in at exactly 9.00 pm however we cannot just go home at exactly 6.00am. Unlike before, I am on-time if I arrive in the office at 9.00 am, even if I haven't pulled up the tools yet or opened my computer by that time. As long as you're in the office on the dot, you are not late.

These events really make me think and feel that I should start looking for a different work, back in my industry at least. I've been trying to submit around my resumes to whichever company that I find interesting as long as it's not related to the call center industry. I am getting sick of just being in the office, literally and figuratively.

I also happen to think about taking the CPA Board Exams by next year or not. I already spilled this to some of my dearest friends and they told me that I can still pursue for that path. Deep within my heart I still have that accounting prowess. I just need ample time to review the basics and go on with the changes in the exams' syllabi. My interest to take it is still at 1% however this may change by next year.

I also do not just leave the office without a new and sure job to go to. I have my expenses to pay, not to mention my recently-booked Japan trip with a friend of mine by September next year. I may be able to pay them now but if I stopped working again, how will I be able to live my life?

I am again standing in a crossroad that don't have the right tagging to where I'm about to head to if I walk along that path. However, I do know that I should decide things by myself. However, there's nothing wrong with asking for advises from the people that I love.