Of English Potency and Cognition

Blogging straight from my phone since my dearest laptop is still in the pc hospital for an operation.

Yes, I am back in the blogsphere. I am out of this civilization for months after my last post since I got busy traveling out of my home country and spending my hard-earned money that I fortunately saved during my short employment with a local BPO company [that sucks big time].

I'll save my out-of-the-country trips some other time. The reason I am back here is that I need to practice thinking in English.

You see, I got recently employed in a big BPO company located here in the Philippines, with branches outside the country. I am actually almost nearing my 3rd week of stay with the company and in our 2nd week of Product Training.

To make things short, I am now employed as a Technical Support Representative for a big IT company. In layman's term, I am a Call Center Agent. It's a big leap and a sudden shift of career from my industry. Being an Accounting graduate, this is really beyond my scope and my control that I'll be here.

So what do I do in this account? I tend to learn how to troubleshoot notebooks. I must troubleshoot other people's notebook once they face an issue.

What's the big deal about it? Nothing, aside from the fact that I JUST need to talk to the calling customers to solve their problems with the notebook. That's it. The problem lies thou with my Speaking skills.

I am good at English and conversing to other people using it. I mean, not to brag about it but someone even complemented my way of speaking the language back when I was not here in PH. The thing is, I'm good if I am telling a story, not that much with giving out instructions; I get to be tongue-tied at times, if not most. I can type words and construct sentences in English, even tweet with it. However, whenever things get technical, whether it's about IT stuff or Accounting or whats-not, it seems that I am having difficulty creating words.

Unlike in e-mails, I cannot edit what I just said on the call and it'll be hard for me to undo it, heck retract the this that I just said. But I didn't say I will not fix it. I am trying to fix it actually.

A big factor that might have affected the way that I think and speak in English recently is perhaps my trips in pre-dominantly non-English speaking countries. I mean, when I was there, I tried not to use hard words for me to be understood fast. It seems taking its toll on me [Hello S-V-O] πŸ˜“.

The only eay to solve this I guess is to pressure myself to speak and think in English ALL THE TIME; WHEREVER, WHENEVER.

Quitting is not an option for me with regards to my current job role. I will do everything that I can before surrendering. As our trainor had told me, the problems that I have are curable. I want to prove that I can do it; I don't want to regret anymore.

I may not be among the best students out there in the training room but I will definitely make sure that I will be part of the roster that will handle the account soon!

Wish me luck and please include me in your prayers. This is a crucial time for me in all honesty.