First Major Heartbreak of 2015

This is my first major heartbreak of 2015.

No, I am not in-love.

Just when I thought I was getting back in the game, I got a red card all of a sudden.

No warning whistle, no yellow card; just straight red card and I am out of the game.

I can't believe it happened to me twice; I got laid-off twice in a span of 6 months.

Did I just break any world record for that?

I haven't shared with you yet most of my adventures last year, the ups-and-downs of my 2014.

Then here I am, having my first downfall of 2015.

To be honest, I am getting used to this feeling of being left out, being not accepted, being not welcome anymore by a company.

I am getting numb.

And I know this is not good.

I should cry over it, as suggested by a good troll friend. He said, it is normal to cry it over.

Maybe it hasn't sunk in yet

But I did cry... for a little bit.

I spent the night with zero sleep. I don't feel sleepy at all. Tired perhaps, but not sleepy.

I just watched some movies to keep me entertain and checks on my SNSs every now and then.

Will I move forward? Definitely.

Will I just forget about this? Not an easy feat, my dear.

But sooner or later I will put this in my "Not-So-Happy Moments of 2015".

That's for sure.