My First Blog after Seven Months Hehe

After a hiatus of almost 7 months, I am back!

I just got so busy with work and life in general that I wasn't able to blog anything about them.

I still got pending blog posts to which I haven't started typing them... YET!

And as I wait for the time for my departure to Bacolod for the annual birthday trip [because birthdays are better celebrated with oneself, anway], I thought of visiting this blog of mine and wake it up temporarily from its slumber.

I will still post everything that happened to me last year, from my Japan, Davao, and Korea trips, cosplay and otaku-related events [hint: that one big event happened last August 2014], down to the very reason why I got separated from my ever-loving employer last October.

For now, these words would suffice. I better get some rest before the roosters start doing their jobs sometime soon!