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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!


Where I Am Now?

It has been  2 months and 10 day since I got employed in the call center industry, and  a month and 7 days since I started taking up calls.

How am I right now? Am I doing fine?

If I get to answer those questions above in all honesty, I am saying 'No, I am not fine and I am not feeling well and sure about this anymore'.

This is news to me, I, being a fighter, don't just say suddenly that I am not sure about something as early as this. I usually fight until my last breath, until the end. However, if I don't get these feelings out from my system I believe I will break down. Completely.


Of English Potency and Cognition

Blogging straight from my phone since my dearest laptop is still in the pc hospital for an operation.

Yes, I am back in the blogsphere. I am out of this civilization for months after my last post since I got busy traveling out of my home country and spending my hard-earned money that I fortunately saved during my short employment with a local BPO company [that sucks big time].

I'll save my out-of-the-country trips some other time. The reason I am back here is that I need to practice thinking in English.


The Facade and The Reverse

No one has ever seen the tears behind the smiles.

No one has ever been there to console nor to condone.

No one has... and no one will.


I want to do something, something that is not normal; something that I want to do because I love it; something that I want to share to the world.

Why can't people understand that I am not all about the licenses, the paper works, and the numbers.

I am meant for something.

And that is something I want to work out on.


First Major Heartbreak of 2015

This is my first major heartbreak of 2015.

No, I am not in-love.

Just when I thought I was getting back in the game, I got a red card all of a sudden.

No warning whistle, no yellow card; just straight red card and I am out of the game.


My First Blog after Seven Months Hehe

After a hiatus of almost 7 months, I am back!

I just got so busy with work and life in general that I wasn't able to blog anything about them.

I still got pending blog posts to which I haven't started typing them... YET!

And as I wait for the time for my departure to Bacolod for the annual birthday trip [because birthdays are better celebrated with oneself, anway], I thought of visiting this blog of mine and wake it up temporarily from its slumber.

I will still post everything that happened to me last year, from my Japan, Davao, and Korea trips, cosplay and otaku-related events [hint: that one big event happened last August 2014], down to the very reason why I got separated from my ever-loving employer last October.

For now, these words would suffice. I better get some rest before the roosters start doing their jobs sometime soon!