Let's Continue Rowing and Living in this Adventure Called Life

I just read about the tragic incident that happened to one CDO tourist during her white river rafting adventure. It was a big news since yesterday since it was a first fatal incident since the city opened the rafting business in 1995.

Here a brief summary: Aizza Balbin, a nurse from Bohol, went missing when their raft capsized in one of the turbulent waters of the Cagayan River near one big boulder. Her companions, the Raft instructor, and guide were able to swim to safety yet she was not able to do so. Search-and-Rescue operations were held by the rafting company and the LGU but due to weather conditions they were not able to locate her ahead.

Awhile ago, I read that she was found, unfortunately dead already, just beneath the big boulder near where they capsized. She still had her lifevest yet she got stuck in the deep portion of the boulder due to the current. My prayers are with her and her family.

That moment when I thought I was going down
yet I held on and someone held me too
I was deeply saddened by this. I was just there in CDO last year and we also did the same trip. I was lucky enough not to undergo such incident when we went there last year despite the many attempts of me being overthrown from the raft. Then I suddenly thought of this: will I die while being away from my family? Will I die doing the things that I love? Will people remember me as someone who did this and that or will they recall with my death only?

As someone who travels a lot I admit I suddenly felt scared having those thoughts in my mind but I guess this is human nature: we get courageous on some things and get scared on the other.

One thing is for sure: I won't be stopped travelling either with someone or on my own. I should start thinking about safety too. Life is one big adveture that I couldn't stop enjoying after all.