Lupin The 3rd Live Action Movie Promotional Poster

News got out late last year that Oguri Shun will be portraying the woman-magnet, mischievous, and comical thief the whole world knows, Arsene Lupin The 3rd.

Yesterday, the Official Movie Site of the Live Action Movie has updated their sites with promotional photos of Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko, and Detective Zenigata, the five main characters of Monkey Punch's Famous Artwork.

Credits to Shun Oguri Indonesia fanpage for this
Oguri Shun portrays Lupin, Tamayama Tetsuji as the marksman Jigen Daisuke, Ayano Gou as the samurai Ishikawa Goemon, Kuroki Meisa as the booty-licious Mine Fujiko, and Asano Tadanobu as the ever-resilient "Lupin's Best friend" Detective Zenigata Koiichi.

You can see how Oguri Shun prepared for the role. He slimmed down a lot! Before, I have some doubts on how he will portray the World's Most Famous Thief. Seeing this photo and the next one convinced me that he can pull it off.

screen grabbed from the official movie site
He's really drool-worthy now! hahaha XD

Lupin The 3rd Live Action Movie will have a road show on 08.30.14 in Japan. I hope it will also be shown here in the Philippines.

You may visit the official movie site here: http://lupin-the-movie.jp/.