My Realizations After Watching You Who Came From The Stars

I just finished watching the South Korean series 'You Who Came From The Stars' which was aired from December 2013. It just ended a week ago [or two] and I just had the time to continue my marathon for this series.

I started watching this drama because of some things: First, I idolize Jeon Ji Hyun ever since her 'My Sassy Girl' days; second, I got interested in the theme of the series [Sci-Fi-ish Fantasy with a touch of Romance and Comedy in-between]; third, it gained high viewership and was talked about in the SNSs; fourth, I just miss Jeon Ji Hyun and I want to see her sassy acting again hehehe.

I admit that on the first few episodes, I still see the sassy girl in JJH. Her acting is still flawless as ever, and her beauty, oh my, so timeless! Never gets old [yet you'll see in some angles that she did age but she aged so gracefully!].

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I got hooked in the tsun tsun Do Min Joon, portrayed by Kim Soo Hyun. The way he cares for Cheon Song Yi [JJH] yet he still tries so hard to keep it inside is really great!

As I got into the latter episodes only did I realize that there are some similarities in JJH's life that I am in. Not all [first and foremost, I am not an actress hahaha] but there are some portions towhich I see myself standing in her shoes.

I'm talking about the personality side.

She's the aggressive type, the one that you can't stay put once she has someone she likes. She's nosy and loud, will tell to everyone what's inside of her head. She has strong personality, a never-to-quit attitude. She's hot-headed and very much impulsive. Cheerful at times, playful at most. Despite all of these attributes, she's soft from the inside, feels very much lonely, and needs a strong man to hold on to, to depend to.

That's what we are similar to each other.

I don't know if it's close to the real JJH. I really want to know yet I don't have way.
Fine, I'll wait. But let him be like Do Min Joon!

Going back, I felt that the more I watch the series, the more that I realize that one should not hurry in finding the one. Yes, I feel lonely and all alone but with the right environment you're in, you'll get happy again, in no time.

I've posted in my FB account a status update that says 'Sige na. Handa akong maghintay. Basta, yung darating ay mala-Do Min Joon eh ok na ako. Magaling naman akong maghintay eh' [direct translation: Fine, I now ready to wait. As long as the one who will come will be like Do Min Joo, I'm ok. I'm good in waiting so far].

And yes, I will apply that. I've been waiting for 24 years already and if it's God's will to wait for more, a couple of years or so, then Amen.

I just really wish that he's worth the wait that I've done.

I recommend this series to everyone: those in-love, having lovers' quarrel, just broke up, happily and waiting, this series is a great watch. You'll feel all the emotions.

Last note, can someone throw a life buoy to me? I've been drowning from all the feels that I am having from this series hahaha