Countdown to 24

Time check: 8.14 p.m.

I sit in our wooden sofa, doing both tax payments and host confirmation items as I work offsite from home. I listen to the old school sounds playing over my radio phone [albeit the missing SIM card]. I am trying to work fast and accurate as I juggle the time left before my flight tomorrow to Zamboanga.

Thirty-two hours 31 minutes. This is the time left before my birth time. I don't usually consider 12.00 midnight of the 7th of February as my birthday. I always start my day on the time I was born to this world by my dear Okaasan.

Six hours and 44 minutes. This is the time left before my wake-up call tomorrow for my first trip of the year. I am starting my year right by having a travel down south of the country. Others might find it weird that I'll be travelling on my world, but as just what my good friend Bunny [also a February celebrant] said, 'February babies tend to travel especially on their day and that's just how we roll', and I agree totally on that.

Forty-six minutes. This is the time left for my planned sleep for the night, to be able to get ample rest for tomorrow's trip. But as of current time, I am still working at the same time blogging.

I guess I have to stop counting down. It's making me feel excited and stressed at the same time. I just have to first focus on finishing some few more work before hitting the showers and then take a nap.

I'll update you again once I got to set afoot to the Asia's Latin City.

Last time check: 8.26 p.m.