This Is Not Your Typical Drop Box

I watched this video about a certain drop box over the internet and it seriously made me cry.

This is not the typical drop box that you know or ever heard of.

Then a lot of questions sprouted in my head...

Why create children when you can't keep them?

Why do you have to hurt them when you're the one at fault?

Why don't you think of the child's welfare?

Why do you have to abandon your child?


The babies are being left in this container box the Pastor and the people from the orphanage did. They call it 'The Drop Box' due to the fact that babies are being treated like letters in the post offices.

I am one damn lucky child to have my parents with me throughout these years. I do not only pity these children, I am angry to their parents. The pastor is right, this does not only happen to Seoul. This is happening elsewhere too! Even here in The Philippines it's one of the social problems the government is dealing and is until now remains unsolved.

Before I get emotional once again, let me share to you the video that made my Monday morning a bit sad yet real.