Let's Continue Rowing and Living in this Adventure Called Life

I just read about the tragic incident that happened to one CDO tourist during her white river rafting adventure. It was a big news since yesterday since it was a first fatal incident since the city opened the rafting business in 1995.

Here a brief summary: Aizza Balbin, a nurse from Bohol, went missing when their raft capsized in one of the turbulent waters of the Cagayan River near one big boulder. Her companions, the Raft instructor, and guide were able to swim to safety yet she was not able to do so. Search-and-Rescue operations were held by the rafting company and the LGU but due to weather conditions they were not able to locate her ahead.

Awhile ago, I read that she was found, unfortunately dead already, just beneath the big boulder near where they capsized. She still had her lifevest yet she got stuck in the deep portion of the boulder due to the current. My prayers are with her and her family.

That moment when I thought I was going down
yet I held on and someone held me too
I was deeply saddened by this. I was just there in CDO last year and we also did the same trip. I was lucky enough not to undergo such incident when we went there last year despite the many attempts of me being overthrown from the raft. Then I suddenly thought of this: will I die while being away from my family? Will I die doing the things that I love? Will people remember me as someone who did this and that or will they recall with my death only?

As someone who travels a lot I admit I suddenly felt scared having those thoughts in my mind but I guess this is human nature: we get courageous on some things and get scared on the other.

One thing is for sure: I won't be stopped travelling either with someone or on my own. I should start thinking about safety too. Life is one big adveture that I couldn't stop enjoying after all.


Lupin The 3rd Live Action Movie Promotional Poster

News got out late last year that Oguri Shun will be portraying the woman-magnet, mischievous, and comical thief the whole world knows, Arsene Lupin The 3rd.

Yesterday, the Official Movie Site of the Live Action Movie has updated their sites with promotional photos of Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko, and Detective Zenigata, the five main characters of Monkey Punch's Famous Artwork.

Credits to Shun Oguri Indonesia fanpage for this
Oguri Shun portrays Lupin, Tamayama Tetsuji as the marksman Jigen Daisuke, Ayano Gou as the samurai Ishikawa Goemon, Kuroki Meisa as the booty-licious Mine Fujiko, and Asano Tadanobu as the ever-resilient "Lupin's Best friend" Detective Zenigata Koiichi.

You can see how Oguri Shun prepared for the role. He slimmed down a lot! Before, I have some doubts on how he will portray the World's Most Famous Thief. Seeing this photo and the next one convinced me that he can pull it off.

screen grabbed from the official movie site
He's really drool-worthy now! hahaha XD

Lupin The 3rd Live Action Movie will have a road show on 08.30.14 in Japan. I hope it will also be shown here in the Philippines.

You may visit the official movie site here: http://lupin-the-movie.jp/.


My Realizations After Watching You Who Came From The Stars

I just finished watching the South Korean series 'You Who Came From The Stars' which was aired from December 2013. It just ended a week ago [or two] and I just had the time to continue my marathon for this series.

I started watching this drama because of some things: First, I idolize Jeon Ji Hyun ever since her 'My Sassy Girl' days; second, I got interested in the theme of the series [Sci-Fi-ish Fantasy with a touch of Romance and Comedy in-between]; third, it gained high viewership and was talked about in the SNSs; fourth, I just miss Jeon Ji Hyun and I want to see her sassy acting again hehehe.

I admit that on the first few episodes, I still see the sassy girl in JJH. Her acting is still flawless as ever, and her beauty, oh my, so timeless! Never gets old [yet you'll see in some angles that she did age but she aged so gracefully!].

credits to owner
I got hooked in the tsun tsun Do Min Joon, portrayed by Kim Soo Hyun. The way he cares for Cheon Song Yi [JJH] yet he still tries so hard to keep it inside is really great!

As I got into the latter episodes only did I realize that there are some similarities in JJH's life that I am in. Not all [first and foremost, I am not an actress hahaha] but there are some portions towhich I see myself standing in her shoes.

I'm talking about the personality side.

She's the aggressive type, the one that you can't stay put once she has someone she likes. She's nosy and loud, will tell to everyone what's inside of her head. She has strong personality, a never-to-quit attitude. She's hot-headed and very much impulsive. Cheerful at times, playful at most. Despite all of these attributes, she's soft from the inside, feels very much lonely, and needs a strong man to hold on to, to depend to.

That's what we are similar to each other.

I don't know if it's close to the real JJH. I really want to know yet I don't have way.
Fine, I'll wait. But let him be like Do Min Joon!

Going back, I felt that the more I watch the series, the more that I realize that one should not hurry in finding the one. Yes, I feel lonely and all alone but with the right environment you're in, you'll get happy again, in no time.

I've posted in my FB account a status update that says 'Sige na. Handa akong maghintay. Basta, yung darating ay mala-Do Min Joon eh ok na ako. Magaling naman akong maghintay eh' [direct translation: Fine, I now ready to wait. As long as the one who will come will be like Do Min Joo, I'm ok. I'm good in waiting so far].

And yes, I will apply that. I've been waiting for 24 years already and if it's God's will to wait for more, a couple of years or so, then Amen.

I just really wish that he's worth the wait that I've done.

I recommend this series to everyone: those in-love, having lovers' quarrel, just broke up, happily and waiting, this series is a great watch. You'll feel all the emotions.

Last note, can someone throw a life buoy to me? I've been drowning from all the feels that I am having from this series hahaha


Rurouni Kenshin: Kyouto Inferno/The Legend Ends Teaser

The much-awaited teaser/trailer to the action-packed live action sequel to Rurouni Kenshin Movie is finally here! And I've been fangirling about it since this morning. Kyaa~

Posted by the movie's YT Channel, it's has not spanned to almost 2,000 views.

Go check it out here.

Or you may check it below.

Superman Meets GoPro

Give Superman a GoPro camera and you'll have awesome view of his daily activities.

One word. Cool.

Now, I wanna be like Superman and take videos of me flying around while saving the world.

I can't? Oh. Pity me.


Damn Those Killer Heels

I seriously want to learn how to dance properly with heels on, be it pencil heels or the thick ones [I don't know what it was called].

But these guys did it flawlessly that I got ashamed of not being able to do it!

Sharing to you the viral video of French guy dancers flaunting their killer heels in the music of Spice Girls around France. Now tell 'em what you want!

Credits to Yanis Marshall YT Channel.



The Things That I Actually Am Planning To Try This Year [Without Actually Listing Them Down]

I stumbled upon this certain article this morning as I wait for my Okaasan's appointment in the hospital to be finished. Upon reading it, I actually noticed that the 17 things listed on it are actually the things that I am trying to do this year! Coincidence or not, but they actually fit in my plans for 2014.

I can actually cross-out a handful already as I have already achieved them after 2 1/2 months of this year.

I am sharing to you now the 17 Things That I am planning to try this year, based on the article 17 Things To Actually Try This Year (Instead Of Just Talking About Them) by Brianna West:

1. Tell someone how you really feel, whether it’s good, bad, unpopular or ugly. Be polite, be tactical, but be honest. Stop discussing your true thoughts with everyone except the one person who needs to hear them.

I always air-out my honest opinions, thoughts, reactions, suggestions to those who asked me for them and those who needed it the most. But since the year had started, I've been giving them out more often than not. Also, I started to open up more about myself to some more people within my circle but I guess I should just select a handful of them for privacy sake.
New Hair Color baby!

2. Cut your hair the way you've always wanted to. Do that one thing you've always toyed with the idea of but were too nervous to try. At best, it will make you feel more “you” than ever before, and at worst, it will grow back anyway.

I had plans to have a hair make-over last February [during my birthday week] but since I was in a trip it didn't push-through. I was about to dump the idea then suddenly I had this urge to have a hair color. I was just trolling Okaasan about it but then, after one visit to the salon, I got a new hair color! Say hello to my Burgundy hair.

3. Get in a car and drive until you’re lost. Explore there.

Sad but I actually don't have a car. My family has one but it's not in a good condition for long road trips. I've been wishing to do it ever since! Once I have a car, I'll definitely do this.

4. Buy something from a store you always gawk at online. The balance to strike is finding something that is simultaneously of good quality but uniquely fits you and your lifestyle as well. Save up for it if you need to, but work toward that goal – reaching it will be unbelievably sweet.

I guess this is applicable to my cosplay finds, be it brand-new or second-hand. I'm trying to control my spending as much as possible to save for some items to be used in my future plans. But for now, this will be included in the list.

5. Re-visit all of your old favorite places: the restaurant you used to have lunch in every day, the playground near where you grew up. Your old office, your college campus. They’re just as important as discovering your uncharted grounds.

I posted in my Facebook account weeks ago that I dreamed about my Alma Mater, and that I am planning to visit it soon. And yes, I will do it soon!

6. Return to the places that have affected you most, for better and for worse. Neutralize the energy there. Realize the difference between who you once were and the person who is sitting there now. Realize that what happened has no hold on you in actuality, just in mentality.

I have to list down first the places that I want to return to, be it the eatery that I frequently went to back in high school, or the mall in front of my brothers' college, or even visit those that I know back then. It just takes a matter of time.

7. Do a ceremonial bonfire where you write down all the things you want to let go of from the past year on pieces of paper, say them out loud, and then throw them in. See it as the beginning of a renewed effort to move on.

I will do it in an open ground, maybe in our Bulacan house, sometime in Summer.

8. Create a sacred space of your own. It could be your bedroom as a whole, in a space set aside to meditate, on a board of photos of the people you love and the things you want, whatever. It’s as simple as putting some flowers and favorite photos or pieces of art in your cubicle. Externalize what’s internally important to you, even just representationally.

My sacred space is my bedroom itself! Hahaha I will have to fix it again and be it my haven, full of my stuff.

9. Pick up a book that you wouldn’t normally be interested in and read it. Read it from cover to cover, even if, at times, you’re forcing yourself to get through it. Read until you find something within it that sparks your interest. There are always things left to be learned, always interests left to be discovered, it’s just getting past the anxiety of moving outside your comfort zone that stops you.

I started re-reading The Brethren by John Grisham days ago. I love his works yet I just didn't able to finish it the last time I read it so I picked it up again and so far, I am enjoying!

10. If you meet someone and start to develop feelings for them, don’t play the game you know all too well: just ask them out. Be direct, be forthcoming, be real. It may result in a broken heart, but it’s better now then more of your life wasted wondering about “what ifs” to eventually have to come to terms with a much harder truth.

So far I haven't done this. Maybe I just haven't met someone and sees him in those ways.

11. Save up for and then take a trip to that one place you’ve always talked about going to, but have never found the time or means to do so. There will always be another excuse not to go if you look for it. Don’t let those excuses stand in your way.
Due to security sake, I have to get rid of my details

YES! This is my most favorite item, not because it's about travelling but because this is the thing that I've been waiting for for years. Finally, I will be travelling, with my family, to the Land of the Rising Sun this April. FOR TWO WEEKS! I still cannot believe that this is really happening soon.

Last week, Okaasan and I applied and submitted the documents for the Japan Visa. Last Friday, we received a message saying that our passports are ready for pick-up already. Sunday night, as nervous as I am, I claimed them, with prayers of having an approved visa. Upon releasing, I saw them, the pink-white machine-generated visas with Sakura on the sides and Mt. Fuji in the background. This is it! ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐

This morning, after the hospital appointment, we hurriedly went to a travel agency in Taguig to buy our JR Passes that will be exchanged for the passes for the shinkansen. It's so costly but the friendly attendant told us that it'll be worth-it, everything will be. And yes, I am firmly believing and vouching for it. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

12. Apply for the job you always talk about wanting to have “someday.” Or at minimum, apply for a job that will get you on the ladder to getting there.

I attended a career talk about Cost Engineering weeks ago and it enticed me to suddenly apply for the job. However, I was told that there's still no vacancy for the position. I will apply once there will be one.

13. Re-purpose your clothing and make it true to whatever your style is now. There’s nothing quite like genuine vintage, and style is only as great as your ability to import personality into it is.

I am assessing what kind of style should I have and in the process of rechecking my wardrobe every now and then for a makeover. I might not finish doing it now but I still got 9 more months to finish it. It just takes a matter of time and money.

14. Put your phone down, turn your computer off, go out into the world and just live. Delete a social media account, temporarily or for good, and let it go. Realize that your own happiness will not be found in reading about the updates of others’ lives. Take that technology-hiatus you’ve always dreamed about.

Deleting my SNSs won't do it actually, but limiting it will do. I started to tone down my FB surfing hours [especially while in the office] and opted to stay on Twitter more since I can read news and informaiton faster in Twitter than in Facebook.

15. Meet new people. The task of doing so seems so unapproachable and awkward, but it’s really not. It’s a simple matter of going slightly out of your way in your day-to-day life. Frequent new shops, hang out with friends and have them invite other friends you've never met before. Take a class, visit a new museum, walk down a different block. Strike up conversation with the people you come across. Companionship usually doesn't just fall in your lap.

I can actually cross this one out since I've been doing it ever since I was small. This is nothing new to me, seriously.

16. Get tickets to see your favorite band play live. Getting lost in the music and the atmosphere is unlike anything else you’ll ever experience again.

I have to wait for Girl's Generation and/or ONE OK ROCK to come to The Philippines first before crossing this out.

Just kidding! I do love some local acts too. I just don't have any favorites among them, unlike before. I guess I just have to check out first the gigs of the local bands and choose one that I like the most.

But getting lost to the power of music is so easy to me! I just have to play something from my set of songs then viola, I'm in my own world already. Hehehe 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

17. Decide who you want to be and become it. Not in an overly-optimistic but ultimately unrealistic sense — take baby steps. Change begins with the decision to do so. Learn to live a little more and fear a little less. Watch what unfolds as you do.

Almost three years ago, I planned and wanted to fully become a cosplayer and I did achieve it. Two years ago, I decided to quit my review school and end my contract to my previous employer then wait for an opportunity as it comes. Then came the offer to my still current employer. A year ago, I told myself I'll be starting to travel more, with family and/or friends, to any part of the country or better yet, outside of the country and it did come true.

This year, I am claiming that 2014 is my year and I claimed it as early as December 2013. I decided to somehow embrace the little changes that kept on bugging me for years, openly enjoy the company of others, be it with same sex or not, and just go with the flow of life.

This year, my year, has just begun. I still can do so many things within 9 months. And there's no way that I'll be spending my year effortlessly. Cheers to 2014! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

I have to add that I should really, really, get back to shape, be it in my blogging duties [as if there's someone reading my posts earnestly] or in my physique. I really, really, REALLY have to!


This Dream and These Feelings

I had this weird dream this morning, woke up to it and then took a few more minutes of sleep. Yet I can't forget what happened in my dream.

It was a very vivid one, with all the people and the incidents happened on it. The weird part is, I was with someone famous.

Before I started retelling my dream, I was having all these weird feelings last night that I ended up bursting them out through my tears. Good thing my eyes were not that swollen or eyes I would have used my eyeglasses even though it is raining.

I had these weird questions in my head that I don't want to confide to anyone but myself. I slept with eyes covered with tears. All sorts of realization came upon me and I shed more tears. Sad but real.

Now to start of my dream, I was a friend to a famous cosplayer, but seems more of a sister than a friend. I was with Alodia Gosiengfiao in my dream, that I was like her best friend or sister or something. For short, I was with her all the time, during her shoots, her break time. She confided me as I confide on her. A very typical set-up for girl friends.

A lot of things happened in my dream, like her having problems with her costumes or appointments or fan services. Also family problems were present. 

There was this one incident that she insisted on servicing her fans by having them lined-up. A few minutes later she got a call then a sudden change of mood appeared on her, saying that she can't cater the fan signs anymore then pulled me out instantly. As she did this, tears began filling up her eyes as we run towards our car. And then she breaks down to me. I consoled her, asking her details as to why she began running away from her fans and then she told them to me in full.

There was this one scene also where we almost got into an accident yet she just remained calm and composed, as if she's accepting her fate already.

I can't reveal some more details in my dreams. Words are not cooperative this time that I can't expressed what I saw through them.

I don't know why of all people, I dreamt of her and being with her. Honestly, she knows me as someone who helped her during her visit in the RX booth last year but aside from that, nothing else.

I have this feeling that my dream was related to the questions I asked myself last night. You see, I posted in my FB account a status that says 'I'm good in supporting others yet I'm not to myself' [this is the translation in English since I posted it in Filipino]. Even in my dream I was supporting someone rather than someone support me. I don't know, I guess I really have no one to support me. None at all.

I tweeted something last night before passing out as a hint for someone, for anyone who cares for me yet I didn't receive any response. I guess I'm just merely someone that they know.

So much for the feelings that I have inside.


Countdown to 24

Time check: 8.14 p.m.

I sit in our wooden sofa, doing both tax payments and host confirmation items as I work offsite from home. I listen to the old school sounds playing over my radio phone [albeit the missing SIM card]. I am trying to work fast and accurate as I juggle the time left before my flight tomorrow to Zamboanga.

Thirty-two hours 31 minutes. This is the time left before my birth time. I don't usually consider 12.00 midnight of the 7th of February as my birthday. I always start my day on the time I was born to this world by my dear Okaasan.

Six hours and 44 minutes. This is the time left before my wake-up call tomorrow for my first trip of the year. I am starting my year right by having a travel down south of the country. Others might find it weird that I'll be travelling on my world, but as just what my good friend Bunny [also a February celebrant] said, 'February babies tend to travel especially on their day and that's just how we roll', and I agree totally on that.

Forty-six minutes. This is the time left for my planned sleep for the night, to be able to get ample rest for tomorrow's trip. But as of current time, I am still working at the same time blogging.

I guess I have to stop counting down. It's making me feel excited and stressed at the same time. I just have to first focus on finishing some few more work before hitting the showers and then take a nap.

I'll update you again once I got to set afoot to the Asia's Latin City.

Last time check: 8.26 p.m.


Gusto Kong Umiyak Pero Ayoko Din

Eto yung mga panahong kahit anong ngiti ko sa labas, sa loob ko gusto kong umiyak, magpakalugmok sa isang kanto, at manahimik.

Pangit na pakiramdam pero eto ang nararamdaman ko sa ngayon.

Hindi ko alam kung dahil ba to sa PMS kaya nagkanda-letse-letse ang hormones ko o sadyang di lang para sa akin ang araw na ito.

Masakit ang ulo ko kahapon. Ngayon, masakit ang puson at namumula ang mata dahil sa biglaang pag-iyak kanina. Agad kong itinigil kaya andaming kuskos sa mata at ilong ko.

Pero gusto ko pa ring umiyak. At di ko alam ang tunay na dahilan.

Siguro eto ang mga dahilan pero di ako tiyak:

> Gusto kong umiyak dahil nag-away kami ng kuya ko na isinisisi sa akin ang lahat; kesyo madamot daw ako pag sa pamilya na di naman [eto na naman ang luha ko]

> Gusto kong umiyak dahil sa pang-aasar na nakuha ko sa mga ka-team ko sa trabaho. Oo alam kong biro pero dahil magulo ang hormones ko tila nagbabadyang mag-landfall ang mga luha ko sa pisngi ko. Kanina ko pa talaga sinusubukang di umiyak dahil onti na lang babagsak na sila

> Gusto kong umiyak dahil sa kadahilanang di ko mawari. Wala lang. Parang pag umiyak ako, lahat ng sama na nakuha ko sa araw na to eh bigla na lang mawawala.

Magulo, weird, at walang kwenta man ito pero sinasabi ko sa iyo [kung me nagbabasa man nito] na ito ang saloobin ko sa mga oras at panahon na ito. Di kita pinipilit na maki-simpatya o sumalungat o umayon sa akin. Inilabas ko lang ang sama ng pakiramdam ko dahil ayokong biglang umiyak dito sa kinauupuan ko habang kunwari nagtatrabaho pero ang totoo ay ginagawa ang latha na ito [lagot ako sa TL ko pag nalamang di ako gumagawa].


This Is Not Your Typical Drop Box

I watched this video about a certain drop box over the internet and it seriously made me cry.

This is not the typical drop box that you know or ever heard of.

Then a lot of questions sprouted in my head...

Why create children when you can't keep them?

Why do you have to hurt them when you're the one at fault?

Why don't you think of the child's welfare?

Why do you have to abandon your child?


The babies are being left in this container box the Pastor and the people from the orphanage did. They call it 'The Drop Box' due to the fact that babies are being treated like letters in the post offices.

I am one damn lucky child to have my parents with me throughout these years. I do not only pity these children, I am angry to their parents. The pastor is right, this does not only happen to Seoul. This is happening elsewhere too! Even here in The Philippines it's one of the social problems the government is dealing and is until now remains unsolved.

Before I get emotional once again, let me share to you the video that made my Monday morning a bit sad yet real.


Angelie The Optimistic Oddball and The Letter from HR

Warning: This is a Work-related rant so You have the option to read this one or not.

I have been issued a letter from HR due to the excessive tardiness that I have incurred in the past months. I was given a chance to defend myself but I didn't do it.

Why would I tell them that I only incurred minutes of tardiness and not hours? Why should I tell them that it's due to the heavy traffic that I always encounter in going to the office even thou I always leave my place 2 hours before the office hours?

I do not want to make excuses as my Operations Manager had done to me while explaining my part. He kept telling me that I should adjust my body clock [which I am doing even thou it's hard], that I should transfer somewhere near the office [Hell no! As if he will pay for the rent], that I should buy a car [I didn't go for the last option, why should I go for this one too?].

I kept my silence because I know that I have faults in those one-minute-two-minutes tardiness. I should have not taken this route, I should not have walked this way, I should not have done this job late at night so that I could sleep earlier and wake up earlier too.

I kept my silence. Until now.

Upon reading the letter, it says that if once happened again, chances are I might be terminated. Wow, just due to tardiness one can lose her job. Great, just great.

My heart says 'I want to go to the nearest rest room and cry in one of the cubicles there'. Just letting it all out. But at the back of my mind I keep telling to myself this: that everything will be just fine and that I should perform better so that they will not let me go.

Just as what I have posted in my FB profile minutes ago, I am really such an optimistic oddball. Being able to enjoy the puddle while some are pushing me down in the mud is a rare characteristic. And I don't know if I should be happy with it or not. Hahaha

Oh well, whatever they throw at me I will definitely be able to catch it, if not doge it. Unless they start throwing me animal poops.


Toy Photography Anyone?

I'm not really a photographer. I admit that I'm such a noob when it comes to right gadgets and gears and the technicalities the world of Photography brings.

But I do love shooting objects and people. I love capturing images of various sorts.

I am not a Photographer. I am a Photo Enthusiast.

Yep, that's the word I 'coined' way back in highschool since I love taking pictures of various people and events. Even self-shots I do them way back the word 'selfie' became a hit.

 I love portrait and landscape shots of nature and still objects. They're way easier than handling shots of people since I do not process or manipulate my shots.

Recently, I've been trying to get back to photography as I was way back then.

I was trying to learn to shoot nicely again.

And yesterday and today, I had the perfect models. my newly-bought toys from a Japan Surplus shop.

Interesting because they're somewhat related to my otaku world since I am recently starting to build up my otaku shrine.

As I tell you, I am no professional, I am just an enthusiast, a hobbyist. So please do go easy to me. Oke?

Here are my shots taken yesterday and today:

For more updates on this hobby of mine, you may visit my Facebook Page and click Albums under the Photos tab. I'll be uploading them there so stay tuned. ^_^