I Really Should Get Back to Blogging ASAP!

As I type this words I am headbanging along to the music the online J-Pop streaming site named Armitage's Dimension is currently playing [The song is Reireireireireireireireimamamamamamamama from Maximum The Hormone. Kinda long title, eh?  (゜▽゜;)].

I was trying to gather my thoughts as to what to type in. Honestly, I just rode a roller coaster with the sudden shift of my moods from morning till now. This morning I was like ready to challenge someone to a fight, then come lunchtime I got focused on my "work" then now I'm trying to blog. Maybe I could give some credits to my monthly visitor. ( -。-)

I am lost in my own train of thoughts. I really don't know what to blog and where to start. Maybe because I got lots of pending posts that I haven't started typing yet, be it my travels since last year [yes, I haven't blogged about my HK/Macau trip wholly until now], or some other activities that I have [cosplay, dance concert, work, et al.]. I just don't have the leisure to do them all! ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)

Or am I just making excuses? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe because it's easier to post in my FB profile and page than post them here? I don't know.

But I really do have to go back to posting my adventures here, especially that in two days time I'll be flying in to Cagayan de Oro with my office mates. I must finish blogging them before I leave.

How I wish the drive to blog would come and possess me. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow...