Pre-Cosplay Mania 2013 Post

Barely less than 24 hours left before one of Philippines' biggest annual cosplay conventions take place in SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia Complex.

What event is this? I'm talking about Cosplay Mania 2013, also known as Cosmania 2013, presented by folks from Cosplay.ph.

Every year the organizers present something different. For this weekend's event, they have prepared lots of surprises too! I won't elaborate much what were those and what they will offer us this year. They're in-charged of those things hehe.

What makes this cosplay event more exciting for me is the fact that for the first time, my very own cosplay group, Cosplay Le Familia, will engage in a group cosplay! 

Guess what anime will we cosplay tomorrow..... it's Sket Dance!

For those who are following my posts on my Facebook Page and/or Twitter, you might know already who I am going to cosplay for tomorrow. But for those who don't, better start liking the page and hit that follow button now!

Just kidding. ;) Of course, I'll present her to you guys. But better start following me there or else, I'll let you meet your grave. LOL. :P

Meet Asahina Kikuno, my cosplay for Cosmania 2013 Day 1. ^_^V
Expect me to glare at you
and poke your eyes

For complete details on Daisy-chan, you may visit this Wikia page.

So far, I only have a concrete cosplay plan for day 1. I still haven't decided who to go as on the second day. I do have some costumes prepared at home but it's just me who's still hesitating to use them. I might decide by tomorrow after day 1 ^^;; #certifiedcrammingcosplayer hehehe :D

What makes this event even more exciting for me [aside from the fact stated above] is the reason I'm gonna see Reika up-close and personal! Being one of the lucky winners of the extra meet-and-greet passes, some of my ka-Familia and I will be able to meet one of our idols in the cosplay scene. Rei-kyaa~!

Also, I'll have a glimpse of the uberly handsome Kaname thou I don't have the pass for his meet-and-greet. It's okay for me at least I'll get to be in the same hall as him. :">

As I finish this post I am getting more and more excited for tomorrow and on sunday. I just hope I don't get starstruck once I see them and the other international cosplayers.

And oh, before I forget, I crammed awhile ago [while working on my items; Please don't tell it to Manager-san ^^;;] and created 3 designs for my coscards. I really do suck in designing and styling so I opted for simpler designs. I'll post it some other time once I have them printed later.

Gotta practice my spiels also later. D.O.S! hehe :D


Just One Simple Work-Related Rant

This post is a work-related rant so it's up to you to read it or not. I won't give in too much information as for the specific process and/or the people concerned as this will be a downgrade in my 'office grade', oke~?

I work for a big BPO company. If you're following me on my Facebook profile you definitely know what company I am in. And if you're following me on my Twitter account you'll get a hint of what process I am handling [or handled before].

Recently, my team was forced to merge with the other account's team of the same nature. I am in NA Account and was previously in Night shift. To be merged to the AP Account means that we have to come in the office during daytime instead of night and the shift allowance will be pulled out from our salaries.

Aside from those, we've encountered so many other changes that it seems we have a new mandated transformation every week! This was all promulgated by our Manager and some of them are not comfortable to us anymore.

It's as if they're holding us already by the neck, purposely not letting us go for us to be controlled totally, which is not good in any sense.

As I type these words I'm on the look-out to see if that guy [yes, it's a he] is lurking around and looks if we're working or not. I'm currently working, at the same time thinking the statements that I should be typing in. Multi-tasking at its finest!

To be honest, I'm really waiting for that special thing that's why I'm hanging onto my job tightly. Also, I have my monthly dues to pay so having no job right now is a no-no for me. But having this kind of management nowadays really sucks bigtime!

I need more reasons aside from my current ones to work harder, perform better, and stay longer in here. Negative factors around this office is starting to pile up in front of me and I don't think I have the capacity to shove them over now.

So far, I can still stay put and fight this battle silently, doing the daily jobs that I have in my own way without their guidance or oversee. I just don't want to feel that one day I'll be waving the white flag and say 'I quit!' to them. I still have faith that everything will be alright soon.

I just hope the management will try to open up their ears and minds to our please. If not, there's a thing called escalation. ;)