Join the 30-Day Abs-and-Core Challenge

Hi guys!

I know I've been absent again for long. Well, not really long. But yes, I'm back!

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And as for my comeback, I'll be joining in a fitness challenge recommended by my good friend Lara Novales, blogger of Thinspirational Journey.

The goal is to follow routines of exercises she has made for 30 days. The intensity is pretty much easy that even noobs can do it on their own!

Since I've been having troubles with my abdomen area after my hiatus on dancing, this is the perfect time to
try this one out. Also, the timing is perfect as I am setting my mind to cosplay some well-fit characters soon.

I will keep you posted probably on a weekly basis as to my progress on this challenge. I just have to remind myself to jot down some notes that I'll be posting up here.

For the list of routines to be done, you may refer to the post on Lara's blog here or you may ask her on her Facebook page for more details.

For the proper execution of the exercises, you may first seek help from Google-sensei or Youtube-sensei to avoid casualties. Also, remember to stretch a little.

Let's aim for a leaner body and we should start now!