Into The Cosplay World

Checking my posts here on blogspot makes me realize one thing: I haven't posted anything about me entering a new and creative world since last year!

Yes, I have started this new venture to the cosplay world last year. That was June 16, 2012 to be exact. But prior to my cosplay debut, I always attend cosplay events. Well, it might not be as always as now, but I do attend those that irks my interests.
My First Cosplay. And yes, I had also my first cosplay
catwalk during Toycon 2012

When I first tried attending an event in full cosplay [Megurine Luka geisha cosplay], I can say that I really am a newbie, compared with the more experienced ones that I was with that day.
I had a hard time putting on the make-up since I am not used to do it. I was somewhat conscious with my costume, wig, and poses all the time! I thought only few will recognize who I was cosplaying. Thank God that people appreciated it. Some even had taken a picture of me. I just don't know if they posted it. But I grabbed some. Hehe~

Months after, I attended a cosplay ball event. Of course, I went in a full cosplay, in red gown, depicting Madame Red from Kuroshitsuji, thou my version is somewhat different with the original one. But that's a different story.

Thou I did skip some events, as much as I could, I did go to the major cosplay conventions in town. There's Best of Anime, Cosmania, and some other else. Eventually, I met fellow cosplayers [who are much more experienced that I am] and welcomed me to their 'family' which became mine too.

My First Cosplay Shoot with CLF
Joining Cosplay Le Familia paved my way of attending cosplay shoots organized by the cosplayers and photographers themselves. I was shy at first but then after some clicks and shots, I became at ease with the concept.

I'm enjoying every minute that I am cosplaying. It's as if I'm not the usual me who's always working stressing out. It's seems that the character that I was portraying possessed me for awhile to properly convey her. And I hope I still get to do it more, even though I'm encountering financial problems with it.

The next time I attend an event in a full cosplay on, I will blog it right away. I just have been very much busy with work that I tend to forget to update everyone about my activities.