Hoping It's Just a Dream, Only Just a Dream...

I had an 'apocalyptic dream' again this morning...

My mom and I were currently in the wake of my close cousin at the time of my dream in Bicol. We were the only person inside the small house of my Aunt that time. As creepy as it is, he suddenly started to move inside his coffin, came back to life to warn us that there's an approaching asteroid that will hit the country any moment, that we should evacuate that moment immediately! As for my other relatives, they were outside the place as we were told about this.

I began fixing some things, bringing only the most essential necessity that I could grab: toiletries, some money, nearest clothes that I could get, emergency kits, the likes. Mom was skeptical about it but when she saw it in the news (that time she was using her Tab computer to surf the net) she hurriedly picked us up, left my cousin in his coffin who's back being motionless again, then rode the nearest jeepney that we saw. Of course, I called out my relatives to ride with us.

I told them what happened inside, as I cling close to my very cute niece, my brother's daughter to be excat. Initial reaction was disbelief but when my Mom told everything they were dumbfounded. As we drive along the highway, far from the lowland place that we had, I saw in the news that the asteroid fell somewhere north of us, thou not really a direct hit to our place, but there will be effects. Then the satellite feed showed us that the highway near my Aunt's place were already flooded.

The last thing I could remember on this dream was that we're still moving forward, not stopping along the highway. What we rode was a public vehicle who can still pick up some passengers but upon hearing our story he didn't stop to pick some other and just continued driving.

The end of my dream.

My initial reaction upon waking up to this? silence. I checked my current location to see that I am not really in that dream, to check that I am still in my bed, making love to it.

I am not new in this kind of dreams. In fact, this is the nth time that I had such, but it was a different scenario this time.

What bugging me the most is the dead close cousin of mine. Currently, that close cousin is living somewhat near to my place. Even though we weren't able to see each other recently, I know he's okay, with his family.

I don't know the reason for such dream to come to me. And I really hope and pray, just like in my other apocalyptic dreams, that this is really just a dream, and that, nothing will come to life from this dream.