One Year and Counting....

In this exact day last year, I attended my first event with the RX Jocks. It was the laser tag tourney held at Lazer Xtreme in Alabang Town Center. I was with the White Team aka Team Pop Pop! that was headed by Fran and Adre of the Awesome Adventures. I won't narrate anymore how I became part of it. There was a different post for that. Just look at my posts. Hehe~

Literal na niluhuran ko si Master. ;)
Unexpectedly, I met a lot of Rushers there, avid listeners of The Morning Rush. I was a silent rusher [those who only listen to the show everyday but doesn't participate in the show's 'activities']. I met Dyn [Ako si DCM now I can be DYNamic] who let me meet Ina [the Butterbaby] and then introduced me to the one and only Master oscar [dela Hopia]. I was starstruck literally and bowed to Oscar that time.

Not only I met the 'legends', I met the people behind the entries. Upon going on our own ways, I hurriedly went to the National Book store and grabbed myself my very own copy of The Morning Rush Top Ten Book 1.

My TMR Book
Ever since I've been an active part of the Rusher community. If I could, I will send in entries. There was some time that everyday I will send in entries for that day's topic and then some will get included in the top ten list, for the whole duration of the show.

Of course, there were times that I don't tune-in, not because I don't want to, but because I have to finish my work. I admit that there were times that my work was at stake if I tune-in all the time, being in night shift. I just have to balance work with listening and joining the fun on-air.

Also, I have won some prizes already to the show. Most people do remind me as the lucky winner of this year's MYOH pair from Havaianas Philippines. Even I can't really imagine that I won such. It was really pure luck. And yes, I was very grateful for the Kikay Barkada for it. :)

At the MYOH First Day
Of course, there were some times that I almost won it. One specific time was when Delle was being picked-on by Chico and Gino and then they had someone to call for the McDonald's McCelebrations promo. I called and sang but somehow Delle got jokingly offended, saying that I couldn't win it. Then the line got cut surprisingly. And then, Kitt Ritche got the prize instead of me having it. Hahaha~

I really had fun with the Rushers. I was able to do some things that I thought I would never do, at all. If I state them here one-by-one then this post might be too long to make you bored. Hehe~

Excitement came again when the Kikay Barkada announced last week that the Book Two of The TMR has been released already. All rushers went berserk in finding and hunting for those treasures. Even I had a hard time looking for them since I was on a night shift and the bookstores are almost closing whenever I arrive at work. I repeatedly went to the same book store every day just to ask for this.

Then came yesterday, 365 days exactly after I bought my first TMR book, I finally bought it! And what's great about it is that I have 2 entries on it!

I really don't expect any of my entries to be included. If there was, I am grateful. If there was none, still I'll be happy for those who has theirs, and still enjoy the book. Two of my closes rusher friends [Master Oscar and Ina the Butterbaby] broke the news to me. Just imagine how frantic I was at those times. Hahaha!

Now, I will savor this book, not just for my own happiness, but for others a well. This book is really something to make you smile even in the gloomiest days of your lives. So, I have to end this post here to re-read again my newly-designed TMR Book 2. ;)

Happy one year to the active rusher me. Cheers to more rushing and kikay-ness to me. :) ^^