Random Post about Fifty Shades of Grey

So I've started reading Fifty Shades of Grey, like this Sunday and I've already finished it.

Now, I'm on the 2nd book of the trilogy. And I'm way past the half of it.

I'm totally hooked into it, not JUST because of the kinky stuff in it, but because of the great love story Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel has.

Even I do wish to have my own Christian Grey at some point.

Is it bad? I mean, to wish something like that?

Just remove all the BDSM stuff in it, it still has a story. A great, somewhat-tragic, love story between Seattle's Richest Bachelor and WSU-V's Greatest Literature Geek.

It's the complete opposite of the magnet but yes, opposite do attract.

I'll just see what will happened to them. I just have to continue my marathon of Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy as I rest from my flu.