Pink Dishwashing Gloves, anyone?

Funny for this is not something related to dishwashing.

In fact, this pertains to SNSD's First Performance on TV Asahi's Music Station for their Japanese comeback single titled 'Paparazzi'.

I give the uplaoder of this HD video slow claps. Indeed, no one could ever think of other 'proper' name for this vid that their bright pink gloves.

And oh, they look like maids from an Akihabara maid cafe. Hot maids, in fact. ;)

Watch the video here:


The Exodus Goes Digital

As I was checking onto some sites for today's topic on The Morning Rush (Top Ten Commandments for Social Networking), I stumbled upon one cool video, making a famous story from the bible digital.

Credits to this blog.

Enjoy watching!


Bili Na!

Mahilig ka ba bumili online? Kung ganun, bilhin mo na ang hopiang ito. Limited offer na, rush sale pa!

San ka pa makakahanap nito?

Dali, bili na!


Ovally Trap

Got giddy over this~ a must-read manga... Seems romatically good and funny... Wee~ :">

Makakain Mo Kaya Ito?

Mula sa FB.

Sa unang tingin aakalain mong gutay-gutay na parte ng katawan ng tao. Pero kung susuriin talaga, mga tinapay ito.

Oo, tinapay. Isang bakery sa bansang Thailand ang gumagawa ng mga kakaiba at nakakatakot na mga tinapay na ito.

Ang Thai Fine Arts student na si Kittiwat Unarrom ay anak ng isang panadero. Laking-panaderya kaya alam at gamay ang pasikut-sikot na proseso ng paggawa ng tinapay. Nahikayat man na sundan ang yapak ng Ama, mas kakaiba ang mga likha niya. Dahil sa mga obrang 'brutally, gruesomely, almost unbelievably real-looking sculptures of dismembered body parts' na hinulma sa mga tinapay, tinawag niyang 'Body Bakery' ang mga gawa niya.

Nakabase sa Ratchaburi, Thailand, si Kittawat ay gumagawa ng paa, kamay, mga ulo, at mga lamang-lob, at iba pang parte ng katawan na siya namang nakakain. Makikita ang mga ito sa panaderya na pagmamay-ari ng kanilang pamilya. 


RX TMR Para sa Best Radio Show

kung gusto mong lumigaya ang iyong buhay pumunta sa yahoo! at iboto sila!!!

The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar po para sa Best Radio Show.

Boto na sa Yahoo! PH OMG! Awards. Sundan ang link na ito.

Girls' Generation's Paparazzi MV

Fanboys and fangirls, fellow SONEs, the latest Japanese Single MV of Girls' Genertaion [SNSD, Shoujo Jidai] is finally out!

Check it here:


New Blended Beverages from Starbucks Philippines

As I open my FB account for awhile, this poster from the Starbucks PH Official Page came up.


And I was telling myself not to get a drink from Starbucks if it isn't a tea beverage.

Did I tell that it is out today? I didn't? Well, it is O-U-T today!

Makes me wanna go down right now and order one... or two... or three? LOL


Kinds of Working Peeps

Eto mga itsura ng mga nagsisipagtrabaho. Sa tingin mo ano ka dito?


An Intriguing Picture of the Superpowers

Right in front, the Asian lady with a tattoo on her back is China.

On the left, the lady full of concentration is Japan.

Dressed at the top looking sideways is USA.

Lying rather seductively is Russia.

The little girl standing by the side is Taiwan.

China "tripled" the Dong tiles (East Winds, this is a double up). This means that China has arisen with the circumstances (the winds); maybe that is the display of the "East Wind" missiles she possesses now. It looks like China is doing ok, but there is no clue about the other cards (tiles). Meanwhile she is up to no good under the table.

USA, appearing confident, is looking at Taiwan with an expression; perhaps to read from the look of Taiwan or to send some message.

Russia may appear indifferent but it is far from that. One leg is on USA and one hand is passing card(s) to China. They are some discreet exchanges going on.

Japan has all eyes on the cards, unaware of what others are doing.

Taiwan wears a red abdominal vest, maybe implying she is the last successor of the Chinese culture. She holds a tray of fruits in one hand and a fruit knife in the other, looking quietly at China with resentment. But she has no option. She is not in the game (a little girl too young to play the game?).

Dark clouds hang over the river outside the window implying tension over the straits separating Main Land China and Taiwan.

The portrait on the wall is interesting, mustache of Sun Yet Sun, the bare head of Chiang Kai Set, the face of Mao Tze Tong...

How the 4 ladies are dressed is also very interesting.

China bares her top, with panties and a skirt.

USA is almost fully dressed but bares her bottom.

Russia is left with only panties.

Japan naked.

These perhaps reflect the status of each nation;

The attire of USA appears to be most complete, probably because she is still the most powerful. Others are short of something here and there. Though USA is most presentable, she has nevertheless exposed her bottom (line). China and Russia look naked but keep their private parts are covered.

We assume this is a stripping game where the loser removes a piece of clothing.

In this game, if China loses, she will be like Russia today... (broken up).

If USA loses, she will also be like Russia...

If Russia loses again, then she has nothing left...

And Japan is already left with nothing....

Russia may appear to have drawn an extra tile (by the rule of the game, she cannot complete the game i.e. cannot win) and is hanging on for nothing ... BUT she is actually exchanging tiles with China...

The other person hanging on is Japan since she has no more "chips". She is out of the game if she loses.

In conclusion:

USA is pretending. She looks most glorious but faces great dangers. If she loses this game, she loses her dominating position.

Russia has a leg each on a boat, most sly ... Her situation is a little like China after liberation (when the communist took over China), sometimes with the USSR and sometimes with USA. Due to her lack of self sufficiency, she has to yo-yo between two parties for survival and room of development.

China has many tiles but they are not in view. Does that imply China keeps her strengths under wrap? And she is exchanging tiles with Russia under the table.

USA can only guess from the expression of Taiwan what may be happening between China and Russia.

Japan looks ignorant as she continues to focus on her cards.

China’s hand (of tiles) is most unpredictable.

Poor Japan ... there are so many things happening around her. She has no chance of a win and she is out the moment she loses.

Taiwan keeps watch as a bystander. She sees all that transpired in the game and she understands. But she is not qualified to, nor capable of participating in the game. She has no right to speak. She is full of grievances and is utterly helpless. She can only be the maid, offering fruits to the winner(s).

The winner should be a pick between China or USA , there is little doubt about this. Then again if you notice, they are playing Chinese Mahjong, not Western Poker.

Playing with the rules of a Chinese game, what are the odds for USA?

Original Text here. Credits to someone's FB.


Kung Di Ka Magtitino sa Pag-aaral...

Eto lang kababagsakan mo! Kaya umayos ka...

Buti nag-ayos ako sa pag-aaral ko ng Accountancy. Ayokong bumagsak bilang tindera lang hahaha.

The Transit of Venus: The Real Deal

The real picture of The Phenomenal 'Transit of Venus'.


Ayame Rylie's Baptismal Invitation

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Just wanna share the online invitation my sister-in-law sent to me via Facebook for my niece's baptismal 7 days from now on.

I am so excited for it, for it's the sign that she'll be part of a wonderful family of Our Dear Lord.

And also, the day after the baptismal will be her 1st birthday!

Proud and happy Tita and Godmother here. :D