So Many Stories, So Little Time

A lot of things happened to me this previous week As much as I would love to tell them right now I just can't.

I just got off from my work, and I must say that having this kind of shift kinda sucks. You have to go home via cab every night that would cost me around Php170 [US$5].

My original shift is the great! Thou I get to spend my Friday nights in the office which is I'm not used to. But hey, being in night shift has its own benefits!

I really have so many stories to tel, like how I got my 2 pairs of Havs that I won last week via RX TMR, how the heck I was included in the EK EB the rushers planned months ago, and my first salary. Hihihi~

So for now, I must bid goodbye. I got to rest this poor body which had come a long way this day.

Konbanwa! ^^