I Miss You, Bloggy

...and I don't know when will I be able to write something again. I'm now past my 'sleeping time', and yet, I am still wide awake. I really have so many stories to tell to you!

I really would like to have you again with me. But with various action items I am currently handling at work being with you seems so far from happening.

I won't promise anything that I'll be with you this weekend. But I will, really, must find time for you. I really do have lots of stories to tell.


P. S.
I am now confused as to what should I share to you, if it will be the MYOH event or the latest happening in my life, which is, Brian-niisan's acquisition of the to-die-for game, Diablo III.

P. P. S.
I will first gather my thoughts. I just wish that words will still be there when I'm about to put them here.