The 9 Girls Are Back!

The nine angels of the SONEs are back! And they are now complete and sound. Wee~

Thou this is a Japanese single after their last one, Mr. Taxi, any SONE would be happy for their Japanese comeback.

Lalalala~ Lalalala~


Kimmy Dora and The Temple of Kiyeme

I will go to the movie house for this, that's for sure!

2012 Asian Film Festival's People's Choice for Best Actress Eugene Domingo is back as the twins Kimmy and Dora of the Go Dong Hae family.

Also in the cast are Ariel Ureta, Dingdong Dantes, Zanjoe Marudo, Miriam Quiambao, and Alodia Gosiengfiao, among others.

Hitting the cinemas on June 13, 212. Tara let's gorabels! ^^


Cute SNSD Cartoon

Cute cartoon made by fellow SONE. Just found it on one FB group for SONES. :D

Enjoy! :)

11th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2012

What: 11th Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention 2012
When: June 15 - 17, 2012
Where: SM Megatrade Hall 1, 2, 3, and Conference Room

Who otaku won't get excited for this, huh? It's the annual toycon here in the Philippines!

And to make me more excited, this will be my debut cosplay activity. I just don't know who will I cosplay for the first time. Will it be set 1, set 2, or stick with the first character that I cosplayed months ago? Hmm~

26. 30. 11.

No, those numbers are not dates, nor even some mystical, lucky numbers that I should bet on the lottery.

Those numbers represent what happened to me the previous days. Let me state them one-by-one.

This number represents the hours of stay I just had in the office. My work is a graveyard-shift one, thus making me go to work at around 9 in the evening and then go out after 9 hours, breaktime inclusive. What happened during my Friday night shift was that we had a call-in conference from someone [1 hour], the color-coded group count that was related to our Mobilympics in a week-time, and the endless interruptions I had that time.

Honestly speaking, I have lots of pending work-related stuff that night so I decided to focus on it and expect to go overtime for about 2 hours the most. I didn't expect that the overtime will stretch to 26 hours more!

What my pendings were? Billings to HC, Host Confirmations [a lot in fact], and the Check Coding. All these process are IBM-related processes so many might not familiar with them. I did the check coding first, then a little host confirmations [for those that I can "solve"], and then proceeded with the billings. Man, it was tough!

And since I was new, I have never-ending questions and asking guidance to my peers. Good thing they are accommodating to me and are good at teaching me. So far I get their instructions in the first try! And yes, they expect me to ask them lots of Qs and that it will take me hours to finish them.

This was the hours I am awake, since I arrive at the office few minutes late only. I woke up Friday night minutes before 7, prepared to work at 7.30, then got off to work around 8.15 pm. My place was more or less than an hour away to Eastwood so it's pretty much near. Somehow.

After work I went to my place in Bulacan with Okaasan [mom]. The travel time took 30 mins. only from Balintawak to Pulilan and then some 15 minutes till our subdivision. I slept at 1.00 am exact, thus ending my day.

This is supposed to be 12 but since I just had this number of hours asleep, so be it.

I tweeted yesterday that what I want as of the moment include a 12-hour long sleep. My sleep was long but not enough for me to be satisfied that fully. Haha!

In order to somehow fill-in the lacking one-hour sleep, I took my afternoon nap for 2 good hours! And after that, I am rejuvenated. You could see it 'coz I was able to blog.

Of course, there should be some lessons, or just even realization as to what happened to me. Because of the workload that I have, I wasn't able to attend the Rushers' Month-end EB and also the Komikon in Bayanihan Center.

I don't want work to hinder my social life that much again! If I have to go overtime on regular days without any social activities the next day then so be it. As long as my outside-work events won't suffer from being in the office all the time.

Also, I must learn how to focus more on the work. Less net, more excel. Less tweets, more checks. Less FB surfing, host confirmation information sending.

Last but not the least, bring some pair of undies and a set of clothes to work. Also some toiletries. In order to freshen up oneself since we're allowed to somehow sleep in the quiet room for some time as our break.

I hope this won't repeat again. I don't want this to happen in the next future. Oh please!


I Miss You, Bloggy

...and I don't know when will I be able to write something again. I'm now past my 'sleeping time', and yet, I am still wide awake. I really have so many stories to tell to you!

I really would like to have you again with me. But with various action items I am currently handling at work being with you seems so far from happening.

I won't promise anything that I'll be with you this weekend. But I will, really, must find time for you. I really do have lots of stories to tell.


P. S.
I am now confused as to what should I share to you, if it will be the MYOH event or the latest happening in my life, which is, Brian-niisan's acquisition of the to-die-for game, Diablo III.

P. P. S.
I will first gather my thoughts. I just wish that words will still be there when I'm about to put them here.


To Those Who Love To Dance...

...an inspiring message awaits you on one Youtube channel.

Awesome message! Very inspiring and moving. Makes me wanna be back on the dance floor very soon!

So Many Stories, So Little Time

A lot of things happened to me this previous week As much as I would love to tell them right now I just can't.

I just got off from my work, and I must say that having this kind of shift kinda sucks. You have to go home via cab every night that would cost me around Php170 [US$5].

My original shift is the great! Thou I get to spend my Friday nights in the office which is I'm not used to. But hey, being in night shift has its own benefits!

I really have so many stories to tel, like how I got my 2 pairs of Havs that I won last week via RX TMR, how the heck I was included in the EK EB the rushers planned months ago, and my first salary. Hihihi~

So for now, I must bid goodbye. I got to rest this poor body which had come a long way this day.

Konbanwa! ^^


China 'claims' Philippines as Chinese Territory

Before, it was just the Kalayaan Group of Island. Then came the Scarborough Shoal dispute. Now, the whole Philippines?

China seems like making statements out of their reach, and yes, territories.

A Chinese news anchor deliberately made a mistake while on-broadcast, stating that the Philippines is a Chinese territory.

See the statement at 1'35". Oops~!
“We all know that the Philippines is China’s inherent territory and the Philippines belongs to Chinese sovereignty, this is an indisputable fact.” - He Jia, anchor for China Central Television’s (CCTV)

China Central Television's (CCTV) He Jia apparently made the claim on their late Monday night broadcast. Now, it has been repeated replayed over the net.

Honestly, this is ridiculous. But well, let's just leave everything to them.

Here's just my parting words for this: MYOBC!


From Tokyo With Love

Finally, Japan's Giant Retailing Company Uniqlo has come to the Philippine shores!

I've been a fan of Uniqlo since I stumbled on their page years ago. I may not have some merchandise from the store but I am eyeing to buy some when we have our HK trip. But no need to go to HK for this. Because it's already here!

The flagship store will open on June 15, 2012, at SM Mall of Asia.

And yes, they're bringing their great clothes here, straight from Japan!

That includes merchandise ranging from Limited Edition collaboration clothes from world-known artists, partnerships with Japanese firms and entities, and a lot more!

Also, you have a chance to win tickets for 2 to the Land of the Rising Sun! Isn't that great?

Just check out Uniqlo Philippines' Official Facebook Page for details.