SNSD Featured on RX 93.1

Thanks to Jinri Park and Tom Alvarez, I got to hear SNSD again on local radio, more so, it was on my favorite radio station!

Jinri, a full-blooded Korean, is a certified SONE, loud-and-proud. She keeps on playing Gee on their background whenever she likes.

And with the current reshuffling of RX radio programs, JinTomnia was transferred to an earlier slot (M/F 8.00 - 11.00 pm, T-Th 7.00 - 10.00 pm). They are offering all listeners new segments on the show. And one was #kpopgoesmyheart.

Guess which group they featured on their first day on earlier time slot of the show? it's So Nyeo Shi Dae!

All PH Sones were glad to hear them on RX. Jinri's, as well as Tom's, timeline is full of tweets regarding SNSD. I myself was mentioned by the two for stating them some facts about my favorite girl group.

The duo did play Into The New World. For those who aren't familiar with this song, you may view their video below:

Here's Jinri's tweet to delight all SONES out there:

Isn't it sweet? SNSD every 9.15 pm this week at RX 93.1! Daebak! I am endlessly tweeting them since last night to play some latest single, one is The Boys. Let's check it out later if my request will be played. Hehe :D

Hearing K-Pop songs on local radio isn't new to me [I heard SNSD's The Boys last New Year Eve and some others on diff. radio stations] but nothing beats hearing them on my favorite radio station. Kudos to the JinTomnia duo!

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