Most Intriguing AI Episode Ever

Warning: Spoiler Attack!

I never, ever, got hooked in watching American Idol but I do know who won each season. And it's not new to AI-wannabes who have Filipino heritage to join the contest and won a million fans.

credits to nj.com
This season, it is Jessica Sanchez who is mesmerizing the audience, not just the Filipinos worldwide, with her singing prowess. And I admit that she's one of the top contenders of the said program, being able to belt out classics flawlessly and render her own version of the modern songs greatly.

Last performance night, she performed great, as usual. Thanks to my twitter feeds for keeping me updated on her journey to the top.

But it was a shocker this morning [Night in America] that Jessica was at the Bottom 3! She got the lowest votes among the three, thus making her evicted from the competition. But don't fret, because the judges saved her, by J.Lo getting up on the stage, stopping her 'last song' and declaring to the whole America that they are saving her. Great decision judges!

Watch video here:

I was so shocked that I flooded again my timeline with updates on Jessica. Yes, others don't want to know about it but what can I do?

A friend of mine told me that after J.Lo declared the saving, a lot of Jessica bashers sprouted out, saying that she deserves to be kicked-out, that she is not deserving to be the next AI. Some also said that it's very unruly for an Asian to get the AI title. Such racists!

Yes, she might have an Asian heritage but she is an American citizen now. The AI Management allowed her to join the competition BECAUSE she's American without tracing back her roots. Common sense bashers!

And yes, I will continue to check on Jessica whether she will really make it to the top or the save will be gone wasted. But I'm sure Jessica fans will not let it end that way.

So go on, vote for Jessica. Text VOTE to 5703. US Phones only!