Joe Cheng and Lee Da Hae on Christian Dior Event

credits to Lee Da Hae's twitter account (@cherry4eva84)
I never imagined that these two artists will have a photo together. My heart literally skipped a beat out of joy upon seeing the tweet my friend made on my timeline. They really good together!

Briefer: the guy is Joe Cheng, the actor from the It Started With A Kiss series (Taiwan). He is my ultimate Taiwanese actor crush [pardon the fangirl screaming out of me as of the moment; I just really missed him haha]. The lady is Lee Da Hae, a famous Korean actress who's more familiar to be linked with My Girl, the Korean hit Drama.

Both of them I adorn so much. I never really imagined that they will pose for a photo like this. And yes, according to Joe's Weibo account, they both attended the Christian Dior event and saw each other. Perhaps they are goods friends behind the camera, bywhich I was not aware of.

I just want to see them do collabs in the near future. They do both look adorable [as I keep on repeating and repeating myself]. Thou nothing beats the ArJoe tandem for me and DaHae-DongWook couple. ;)