Instagram on Android OS

Ever since I knew Instagram on iOS I have beenwishing that it would have an Android version. Not that I already have an Android phone before but it seems so much accessible to me since my brother has a Samsung Galaxy SII phone.

Then there came my newly-brought phone from my network provided. My plan contract was already finished and I still want to continue it for more years so they gave me a free Samsung Galaxy Y even thou I was eyeing on the iPhone 4s that they offer. Still, I accepted the phone open-heartedly, to think that it is an Android phone.

I've been searching in the Google Play Store different camera apps that is somewhat like Instagram. I've downloaded 3 and one is pretty much close to it [Pick by Naver]. And then, I read this tweet that Instagram released the much-awaited Android version. Of course I downloaded it right away and tried it if it is working.

But to my dismay, it seems it is not yet fully working for my Android phone. And I thought I was the only one experiencing it. It seems other Galaxy Y users are experiencing the same too, making our hype gone to waste.

Thanks to this blog I knew everything about the app problem. I just hope that they will solve it before I finally decide to stick to Pick by Naver, which is a cool cam app from Japan. ;)