TMR's Call Me Maybe Scandal

So The Kikay barkada of RX 93.1 is back for a new scandal video. Go check it out before Carly Rae Jepsen have this be taken down from YouTube. Lol! :)

Credits to co-Rusher Jrhyan for the video. :)


Instagram Fixed Bugs on Samsung Galaxy Y

In my previous post related to this matter, Instagram did release a statement that they took notice of the fact that Samsung Galaxy Y users had bugs upon using the app for photo-sharing. If I'm not mistaken, it has been 2 week since the last update on their side related to the phone.

Then come yesterday. I visited the Play Store for my phone [yes, mine is Samsung Galaxy Y] and upon entering the app store, a huge banner for Instagram appeared! I checked it out if it's DLable on my phone, installed it, and the rest is history!

Here's what Instagram got to say about the updates:

On 18 April, version 1.0.5 of Instagram for Android 
was released in the Google Play store. You can download the latest version here.

  • Added Support For Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)
  • Bug Fixes For Some Froyo Devices

Thanks to the wonderful team of Instagram, more users can now enjoy this free app. Start capturing gerat photos now! ;)

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Maridah's Message to Filipino Fans

Everyone's Favorite Saber [Fate series] cosplayer Maridah has a message to all Asian fans, particularly from the Philippines!

Isn't she lovely? :3

The message was first shown awhile ago during US-based Filipina Cosplayer Jerry Polence's Cosplay Make-up 101 for Beginners that happened awhile ago at 8.00 pm Philipppine time and finished just awhile ago at 11.00 p.m.

Even thou she had some audio problems, the message was then delivered nicely before the airtime runs off. Thanks Jerry for the video, and also to the free tutorial! :)


AJ Perez' First Death Anniversary

April 17, 2011. Around 12.10 a.m., a fatal car accident happened in Tarlac. Ten minutes later, he was announced dead. Thousands of fans and people grieved for the lost of a budding actor, a young adult, and a great son that he was.

A year later, many commemorate his death anniversary via Twitter. Under Philippines' category, at 9.27 a.m., "AJ Perez'" is trending at Top 4.

I'm sure he is still loved by many. Even thou some may still in disbelief, it was his death anniversary.

Let us all offer a minute of silence in repose of his soul. May he rest in peace. Amen.


Most Intriguing AI Episode Ever

Warning: Spoiler Attack!

I never, ever, got hooked in watching American Idol but I do know who won each season. And it's not new to AI-wannabes who have Filipino heritage to join the contest and won a million fans.

credits to nj.com
This season, it is Jessica Sanchez who is mesmerizing the audience, not just the Filipinos worldwide, with her singing prowess. And I admit that she's one of the top contenders of the said program, being able to belt out classics flawlessly and render her own version of the modern songs greatly.

Last performance night, she performed great, as usual. Thanks to my twitter feeds for keeping me updated on her journey to the top.

But it was a shocker this morning [Night in America] that Jessica was at the Bottom 3! She got the lowest votes among the three, thus making her evicted from the competition. But don't fret, because the judges saved her, by J.Lo getting up on the stage, stopping her 'last song' and declaring to the whole America that they are saving her. Great decision judges!

Watch video here:

I was so shocked that I flooded again my timeline with updates on Jessica. Yes, others don't want to know about it but what can I do?

A friend of mine told me that after J.Lo declared the saving, a lot of Jessica bashers sprouted out, saying that she deserves to be kicked-out, that she is not deserving to be the next AI. Some also said that it's very unruly for an Asian to get the AI title. Such racists!

Yes, she might have an Asian heritage but she is an American citizen now. The AI Management allowed her to join the competition BECAUSE she's American without tracing back her roots. Common sense bashers!

And yes, I will continue to check on Jessica whether she will really make it to the top or the save will be gone wasted. But I'm sure Jessica fans will not let it end that way.

So go on, vote for Jessica. Text VOTE to 5703. US Phones only!


Joe Cheng and Lee Da Hae on Christian Dior Event

credits to Lee Da Hae's twitter account (@cherry4eva84)
I never imagined that these two artists will have a photo together. My heart literally skipped a beat out of joy upon seeing the tweet my friend made on my timeline. They really good together!

Briefer: the guy is Joe Cheng, the actor from the It Started With A Kiss series (Taiwan). He is my ultimate Taiwanese actor crush [pardon the fangirl screaming out of me as of the moment; I just really missed him haha]. The lady is Lee Da Hae, a famous Korean actress who's more familiar to be linked with My Girl, the Korean hit Drama.

Both of them I adorn so much. I never really imagined that they will pose for a photo like this. And yes, according to Joe's Weibo account, they both attended the Christian Dior event and saw each other. Perhaps they are goods friends behind the camera, bywhich I was not aware of.

I just want to see them do collabs in the near future. They do both look adorable [as I keep on repeating and repeating myself]. Thou nothing beats the ArJoe tandem for me and DaHae-DongWook couple. ;)

Love Rain's HaNa Ringtone

There's this cute ringtone Jang Geun Suk's character Seo Joon had in his phone. It's entitled HaNa, just as Im YoonA's character name in Love Rain drama.

You may find the translation of the ringtone here.

SNSD Featured on RX 93.1

Thanks to Jinri Park and Tom Alvarez, I got to hear SNSD again on local radio, more so, it was on my favorite radio station!

Jinri, a full-blooded Korean, is a certified SONE, loud-and-proud. She keeps on playing Gee on their background whenever she likes.

And with the current reshuffling of RX radio programs, JinTomnia was transferred to an earlier slot (M/F 8.00 - 11.00 pm, T-Th 7.00 - 10.00 pm). They are offering all listeners new segments on the show. And one was #kpopgoesmyheart.

Guess which group they featured on their first day on earlier time slot of the show? it's So Nyeo Shi Dae!

All PH Sones were glad to hear them on RX. Jinri's, as well as Tom's, timeline is full of tweets regarding SNSD. I myself was mentioned by the two for stating them some facts about my favorite girl group.

The duo did play Into The New World. For those who aren't familiar with this song, you may view their video below:

Here's Jinri's tweet to delight all SONES out there:

Isn't it sweet? SNSD every 9.15 pm this week at RX 93.1! Daebak! I am endlessly tweeting them since last night to play some latest single, one is The Boys. Let's check it out later if my request will be played. Hehe :D

Hearing K-Pop songs on local radio isn't new to me [I heard SNSD's The Boys last New Year Eve and some others on diff. radio stations] but nothing beats hearing them on my favorite radio station. Kudos to the JinTomnia duo!

Listen to Manila's Hottest KBP Best Radio Station Monster Radio RX 93.1 via your radio or via livestream. You may DL the livestream playlist here.


Update on Instagram for Samsung Galaxy Y

Last night I tried re-dowloading from the Google Play store Instagram for Android but I can't seem to find it. It turns out that the makers did disable it for Samsung Galaxy Y users. This blog explains the reason behind it.

Here's what Instagram developers said on their web post:
"There is a known issue with the Samsung Galaxy Y 
that causes images to appear black on the filters screen and when uploaded. 
We are currently investigating this issue."

I just realy hope that this problem would be fixed. For now, I am stuck with using Pick by Naver. It got really cool editing features, from simple effects to very cute and fascinating stamps and frames. Go check it out too. It's in Japanese by the way.


Instagram on Android OS

Ever since I knew Instagram on iOS I have beenwishing that it would have an Android version. Not that I already have an Android phone before but it seems so much accessible to me since my brother has a Samsung Galaxy SII phone.

Then there came my newly-brought phone from my network provided. My plan contract was already finished and I still want to continue it for more years so they gave me a free Samsung Galaxy Y even thou I was eyeing on the iPhone 4s that they offer. Still, I accepted the phone open-heartedly, to think that it is an Android phone.

I've been searching in the Google Play Store different camera apps that is somewhat like Instagram. I've downloaded 3 and one is pretty much close to it [Pick by Naver]. And then, I read this tweet that Instagram released the much-awaited Android version. Of course I downloaded it right away and tried it if it is working.

But to my dismay, it seems it is not yet fully working for my Android phone. And I thought I was the only one experiencing it. It seems other Galaxy Y users are experiencing the same too, making our hype gone to waste.

Thanks to this blog I knew everything about the app problem. I just hope that they will solve it before I finally decide to stick to Pick by Naver, which is a cool cam app from Japan. ;)


Weekend Well-spent

I got to spend my weekend outside my house. It was a well-spent one, having able to attend 2 different activities on 2 different days.

Saturday, March 31, I was about to go to Alodia Gosiengfiao's birthday bash event in SM North EDSA but due to some circumstances I wasn't allowed by my parents. But then, an opportunity opened: I won some tickets to a foreign act concert in the same venue where I was supposed to be. Unlucky for me, I wasn't able to drop by there. I will blog about the concert separately.

Sunday, April 1, I spent it with some elderly folks of Hospicio de San Jose in Manila. It was my first time there and I was so glad to be part of those who made these forgotten folks of ours happy somehow. I will blog about it also separately, with pictures and stuff.

After that outreach program, I was able to get a new phone! Thanks to my network provided who gave me a stylish Samsung Galaxy Y, thou we weren't able to name the subscription under mine. Still have to wait another 2 more years to have it changed. But still, 2 years is a short period of time. For now, even thou I'm heart-broken with the iPhone4s plan, I will enjoy to the max my new Android phone. Thanks Smart!

I just need some time to gather the thoughts and finish uploading the pics for the 2 events [by which I haven't started yet]. Give me some time to update them before Maundy Thrusday.

Blessed Holy Tuesday to all, from the Philippines.