Updates on Mapua's MRR Policy

I just want to thank the anonymous reader who commented that the post of Nendogamer was already taken down. It seems that the Admin Office of Mapua has taken notice of this issue, thus having the afflicted Mapuan remove the post before the big media corporations swoon over it. It only showed that the post was indeed effective. I just hope it will bring him blessings.

On the other note, there have been changes in the MRR Policy posted in the Mapua website.

In keeping with the standards of excellence that is Mapúa, the Institute is implementing a Maximum Residency Requirement (MRR) policy. The MRR is based on the premise that the knowledge and skills learned by its graduates are current, applicable, useful and beneficial to the industry where he/she is engaged in, and to the society, in general.
The Maximum Residency Requirement (MRR) is not new and is common to all schools.
With the fast-paced world we live in, concepts, theories and instruments change easily and the graduates who bear the Institute's name should be able to possess the necessary tools to better his environment. The curriculum should always be relevant. A graduate who is not properly equipped may prove to be a disservice to the industry/society he works with.

These words weren't present when I read the policy yesterday. It seems to avoid any future mishap that may lead to something similar to the incident blogged by Nendogamer. Aside from these addendum, nothing else has been changed.

You may access Nendogamer's original post here.