So Much For Being a Lovely Sister

So instead of resting and sleeping I'm fulfilling my sister-duties to my ever-loving little brother [notice the sarcasm in that part]. Lol.

So what's keeping me busy and him sleeping? Center of Gravity toys!

Who would have thought that I'll be back to my 4th Yr. Highschool days with this projects, which unfortunately, is due tomorrow. I don't have problems with his project. I'm having problems for his classmates'!

Yes, you read it right. He was commissioned by his classmate [due to him being good at Physics] to do theirs in return of paying him some amount. Not bad!

The sad part is, I am stuck with his duties. =___=

Here's the catch: the payment will be mine!

So I must finish at least 5 toys in order to have Php500.

So what am I doing? Take a look at these:

So I must create something like these. Oh crap~

Good luck to me! Gambatte ne, Angelie~ d^o^b