Siwon and Donghae for Bench Apparel

The New Brand Endorsers of Bench
Bench Apparel, one of the country's top global fashion icon, had announced last night via its Twitter account that 2 members of South Korea's boy group Super Junior will be the latest addition to the ever-growing list of famous celebrities, local and international, that will endorse the said apparel.

Minutes after the announcement has been made, #SiHaeLovesBench, a hashtag made for the occasion, made it to the trending topic not just in the Philippines but also worldwide! ELFs had made another history in the Twitter Trending Topics.

Of course, not only the hashtag #SiHaeLovesBench made it. #Donghae, and #Siwon also became one of the TT. K-pop followers, netizens, as well as ELFs of different nationalities had accepted the news nicely. In fact, Bench's Official Twitter account had gained 2,000 new followers hours after the announcement.

Bench had also released a teaser photo on its twitter account, showing smart preppy-looking clothes intended for the two Hallyu stars. They even released Donghae's picture.

Let's all wait in anticipation for the coming billboards, posters, and print ads from Bench with Siwon and Donghae, because Manila loves SiHae and #SiHaeLovesBench! ^^

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