Overdosed With Kiss

I just finished re-watching [again] They Kiss Again: It Started With A Kiss 2 and mind you, I just can't get over the story thou I really do know the ending.

For those who don't know this, it's a Taiwanese drama aired years ago, I think around 2007 or 2008. It was the 2nd [but hopefully not the last] installment to the Kiss Series starred by Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin [my 2 fave artists in Taiwan and bysofar, my fave on-screen couple].

And although I know by heart the story, the scenes, and everything related to the show I just can't help still not to get affected by it, more especially that I know the drama is unfinished due to Tada-sama's sudden death [may she rest in peace].

And yes, even though the supposedly ending has been broadcasted already via the 2008 anime version, I still crave for the actors from the Taiwanese version to finally portray them and give more justice to the drama. But of course, there are many things to consider, one is that will Tada-sama's husband allow it.

Well, these are just some thoughts of an avid fan. I just crave for more Kiss sequels, that's all.

Additional thoughts not really connected to the series [but somehow it is]:
- When will I ever have my own 'Jiang Zhi Shu / Irie Naoki'?
- I want to have a house that looks like Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin's Love Nest; looks so comfy and spacious!
- I like to eat at 'Xing Fu Restaurant'. I might find my happiness there. ;p
-And thou I have a 'Di Di' and does look like the chubby Yu Shu, I want him to treat me more like how Yu Shu treats Xiang Qin. :D
- I want someone like Jiang Mama [Shao Zi] as my mom-in-law. That would be cool~
- Even thou I'm the protagonist [of my story], I don't want to get sick, esp. on my eyes.
- If I could turn back time I want to go back to HS and have my ultimate crush that will become my future husband. ;p
- I do have crazy friends but I want more guy crazy friends! :))
- I hope to absorb Xiang Qin's hyper-determination in lots of things. I'm not that determined as much as she was.
- I want an Old English sheep dog! Just an addition to my ever-loving Labrador dogs hehe. :D
- I really would like to visit the places where they shot everything, from the houses down to the school!
and lastly,
- I really would love to have 'The Last Kiss', be it on 2015 [as what Director Winnie said in his 2009 or 2010 interview] or so forth. As long as the actors remain, I'm willing to wait. Please, oh please!

Recently, March 11, marked Tada Kaoru-sama's 13th death anniversary. My prayers go out to her family and friends. Your fans will keep on supporting your works even after your death. May you rest in peace. And yes, thank you Kaoru-sama for this wonderful work of art! You will forever be appreciated.