Moments in the Interview

I just had my 4th work-related interview awhile ago in a consulting firm in Makati. Just like any other applicant, I was nervous for it, at the same time anxious as to what the interview might be. I just want to share some moments, funny and not-so-okay ones, happened awhile ago.

The Math Exam
I am not surprised with this type of test [having been taken one during my IBM Application days]. I was given a half-bond sheet of paper with 10 mathematical problems, good for 10 minutes. It was not that hard, nor was it easy. I was just stumped at some of the questions:

How many minutes are there in 5 years?
What is the 32% of 25?
How many seconds are there in 1 day?

Thou I answered some easily, there was this one question I couldn't solved. If only I had a photo of the questions I would definitely post it here.

Interviewer 1
I found her cute [Spoiler: lesbo moment ;p No I am not! :))] since she's somewhat chinita. Then when she introduced herself [she first said she's Angel], she told me that we shared the same name! And yes, as I looked on her business card, we're having the same name with the same spelling!

The Business Card
It's usual for a consulting firm like theirs to hand out business cards, esp. if it's their nature [Hint: it's from the country which I'm really fond of]. Ms. Angel handed me hers; I received it as how I usually receive business cards [with two hands, maybe because I practiced it before], and then she blurted 'That's the right way of receiving the cards! How'd you know?'. And so I told her. Good job on my part. :D

Interviewer 2
And so, Ms. Angel left and another interviewer came in. Let's name her Ms. HR Consultant 'coz it's something I remembered from her ID. And so, Ms. HRC asked me some questions then ended up asking me for the board exams. She questioned my decision of not taking it up. I answered honestly, stating what's on my mind but it seems she doesn't want my answers. She kept on pushing the 'perks' of having the PRC ID. At the back of my mind I told myself that I should still smile and answer earnestly even thou I am completely pissed at her.

After that interview, Ms. Angel did talk to me again, saying some points-to-consider, like having my phone on for communication, etc. And that ended my interview in that office.

After some time, Ms. Angel called me up regarding my interview tomorrow and the next day with their client.

So much happened for today. I just hope tomorrow will be as swift as today's interview. Tomorrow's destination: Yamato Logistics at Phil. AXA Life Bldg. along Buendia, Makati.