Mapua's MRR Policy

I stumbled upon a blog that indicated that our college, my alma mater Mapua Institute of Technology has declined his petition to finish his course using the curriculum he was under when he was still in school. He, a BS Computer Science student from the Makati campus [from which I was also in but from different department], had planned to return to school after stopping for some years due to financial constraints and family matters. He stated in his blog that he only have one subject and the OJT required to finish his schooling. But Apparently, the Makati Registrar didn't allow him, even told him that the curriculum that he had was already dissolved. The worst, he was told to repeat all the subjects that he previously finished again, from the scratch!

Of course who wouldn't be furious and frustrated with this set-up? I myself had various arguments with the campus Registrar due to negligence on their part in handling some of our business and accounting-related subjects back then. But this incident is so ridiculous! Without any notice to its students, current or on hiatus, the campus just then set such regulations!

Here's a juice of Mapua's so-called Maximum Residency Requirement [or simply MRR] Policy:

  1. The resolutions on MRR will be implemented on the following students:
    1. For four-year programs, Batch 2007 and onwards
    2. For three-year programs, Batch 2008 and onwards
    3. Batch 1989 and prior
  2. For all Batch 2000 to Batch 2006 students, and for Batch 2007 students of three-year programs, they will be allowed to finish their studies using their original curriculum if their remaining number of units is 15 units and below. Otherwise, for those students with more than 15 units remaining, the most appropriate curriculum, with crediting of courses, will be adopted.
  3. For Batches 1990 to 1999 students, they will be allowed to finish their studies on a case-to-case basis and subject to the conditions required by the Institute.
Effective this Fourth Quarter of Academic Year 2011 – 2012."
credits to Mapua website

If I'm reading and understanding correctly, those who belong to Batches 2000 to 2006 with less than 15 units left will be allowed to still follow the curriculum they had during their stay. But why is it that this certain Mapuan was declined of such rights when the policy itself dictated the rule?

Is This Still True? I hope so...
Good thing that something like this never happened during my stay in Mapua but I pity those who are still wanting to continue and finish their courses in our alma mater. I know some people from higher year levels that stopped their schooling for various reasons. I hope that Mapua understand that being in a 4-term school, money is very much essential for the continuance of their study. And with this policy effective this coming term, it seems that they're making the students their own cash cows. It is proper to say now that education really becomes an investment of the child, due to high tuition fees that should be paid every enrollment, by which in our case was always in 3 months time.

I just hope that this issue will be solved without making a big news from it. Let just hope for the best for that Mapuan and of the school also.

You may read the blog post here.