Lost in Translation

As I was checking up recochoku.jp for some SNSD chaku uta [cellphone ring tones], I enabled the Google Translate. I know how to read Katagana and Hiragana but to my dismay, most of the characters were in Kanji so I have to seek help from Google Translate.

Much to my more dismay, Google Translate failed to translate the words that much. Check out the pic I attached and see which part it failed.

If you didn't see it, let me tell you. The hovered word were 'Girlhood'; its Kanji says 少女時代. You know what it is in Roman Alphabet? Shoujou Jidai, that translates into Girls' Generation. That should be the word displayed!

Failed translation, Google! Hahahaha. Good thing I know some simple Kanji words. Or maybe I just know '少女時代' because I am a SONE. Nevertheless, it made me laugh hard.