The Kony 2012 Campaign

I saw this post from a fellow Rusher about a certain Joseph Kony and that a global awareness should be made against him. Minutes after, I found myself searching for more information as to what it was pertained to, how the campaign had begun.

Just a briefer: Joseph Kony was the leader of Uganda's militia The Lord's Resistance Army [or simply LRA]. It began in 1986 when it was alleged to have abducted around 66,000 African children and forcefully turned them into human killing machines. Deeply saddening!

And so, I stumbled about different posts and news clips on the internet. But what struck me most was the video made by one group called 'Invisible Children'. Watch it below.

It is quite alarming to know that there are such people remaining in this world. In the world where democracy and sovereignty coexists, there is this one African country that is still under a cultish militia.

Let us spread the word of arresting Joseph Kony. You may also help the charity directly by following these steps:
Donate to Invisible Children here
Purchase KONY 2012 Products here
Sign the Pledge here.

There's nothing wrong with helping them directly. It's your own choice, your own way. As to mine, I'd rather help spread the campaign through blog posts and tweets.

We got the power and the time in our hands. Now's the time to make the world know that we, of different races and from different countries, will join forces for one common goal. These terrorizing acts and force labor to children must be condemned. Let's all help in stopping Kony spread more violence in Uganda and make him visible and get arrested!