Here's What Making Me Busy

Thus I cannot blog at the moment.

Check them out!

Kare Kano [Manga]

Short for Kareshi Kanojou no Jijou.
A story of two highschoolers who were indulged with just being perfect until their fateful meet-up.
I'm reading it from a manga hosting site. Just started reading it this afternoon and now I'm on Chapter 48.
Do check it out here.

Switch Girl [Manga]

Somehow like Kare Kano; it's all about being perfect to other people.
I kinda relate to the story 'coz I sometimes has a switch button. Find out what it is for. Lol~
Currently finished up to the latest chapter [Chapter 36]. Still waiting for the latest release.
Do check it out here.

They Kiss Again [Drama]

This is something I wouldn't get enough of; it's my favorite drama from my favorite manga after all!
Currently on Episode 8... or is it 9? Hmm~
Just check out Mysoju for online streaming. I got this on my hard disk. Hehe.

So there you have it. I'm busy as a bee with all these 'catching-up' on some good titles the manga world has to offer. And oh, I will also check some new Asian dramas currently being shown in Japan, Korea, or in China. That's how addict I am to them, making me feel more anxious towards being an Asian Studies student!

So till then. Jaa ne~ ^^