The Effects of Lack of Sleep

People nowadays tend to throw away their old lifestyle of sleeping and waking up early and in time for everything. It has already been a trend to stay up late, finish what you got to do, cram for it, then take an hour of rest or two. One would be very lucky if he got 3 or more hours of sleep.

A fitness and wellness site had just enumerated the Top 10 Hazards from Lack of Sleep. Here are they:

Higher Blood Pressure
Higher Risk of Heart Attack
Increased Levels of Stress Hormones
Lower Resistance to Illness
Poor Concentration
Low Problem-Solving skills
Memory Lapses
Unpleasant Mood and Depressions
Age Faster Physically due to Disrupted Metabolism
Weight Gain

Apparently, during my college years I always lacked sleep due to the nature of my major [Accounting], given the fact that I had afternoon to evening classes and endless paper works and piles were given to us. So sometimes I experienced symptoms related to the hazards: chest pains, dizziness, weight loss [in my part]. I even had more mood swings when I'm sleepless that's why when my classmates knew it they don't make me angry or what.

I agree that sleep is really vital to maintain our good health. It's the only time that our body do most of the important jobs it requires. So lacking sleep means we're slowing down our body system, thous making ourselves sickly and unable to do work properly. Lack of sleep cause Slow Body Metabolism.

I made sure that I still, at least, get to have 6 hours every night. Lucky for me if I get to sleep for more than 6 hours. I am a heavy sleeper; I'm a self-confessed sleepyhead. That's why even thou sometimes I still feel like 6 hours of sleep won't do just yet, I still get up and wake. During vacations I sleep like a baby; 12 hours is still too short for me. My longest was 16 hours!

But of course, too much sleep will be bad too. Just think of how many meals will be skipped to accomodate your good sleep.

So do check your sleeping habits especially if you're lacking it. If you tend to oversleep better start forgetting to hit that snooze button of your alarm and get up on time. If you lack sleep, don't abandon your bedroom. It's for your leisure and relaxation. Don't just say it. Practice it!

Credits to this site for the 10 Hazards of Sleep.