Updates on Mapua's MRR Policy

I just want to thank the anonymous reader who commented that the post of Nendogamer was already taken down. It seems that the Admin Office of Mapua has taken notice of this issue, thus having the afflicted Mapuan remove the post before the big media corporations swoon over it. It only showed that the post was indeed effective. I just hope it will bring him blessings.

On the other note, there have been changes in the MRR Policy posted in the Mapua website.

In keeping with the standards of excellence that is Mapúa, the Institute is implementing a Maximum Residency Requirement (MRR) policy. The MRR is based on the premise that the knowledge and skills learned by its graduates are current, applicable, useful and beneficial to the industry where he/she is engaged in, and to the society, in general.
The Maximum Residency Requirement (MRR) is not new and is common to all schools.
With the fast-paced world we live in, concepts, theories and instruments change easily and the graduates who bear the Institute's name should be able to possess the necessary tools to better his environment. The curriculum should always be relevant. A graduate who is not properly equipped may prove to be a disservice to the industry/society he works with.

These words weren't present when I read the policy yesterday. It seems to avoid any future mishap that may lead to something similar to the incident blogged by Nendogamer. Aside from these addendum, nothing else has been changed.

You may access Nendogamer's original post here.


Mapua's MRR Policy

I stumbled upon a blog that indicated that our college, my alma mater Mapua Institute of Technology has declined his petition to finish his course using the curriculum he was under when he was still in school. He, a BS Computer Science student from the Makati campus [from which I was also in but from different department], had planned to return to school after stopping for some years due to financial constraints and family matters. He stated in his blog that he only have one subject and the OJT required to finish his schooling. But Apparently, the Makati Registrar didn't allow him, even told him that the curriculum that he had was already dissolved. The worst, he was told to repeat all the subjects that he previously finished again, from the scratch!

Of course who wouldn't be furious and frustrated with this set-up? I myself had various arguments with the campus Registrar due to negligence on their part in handling some of our business and accounting-related subjects back then. But this incident is so ridiculous! Without any notice to its students, current or on hiatus, the campus just then set such regulations!

Here's a juice of Mapua's so-called Maximum Residency Requirement [or simply MRR] Policy:

  1. The resolutions on MRR will be implemented on the following students:
    1. For four-year programs, Batch 2007 and onwards
    2. For three-year programs, Batch 2008 and onwards
    3. Batch 1989 and prior
  2. For all Batch 2000 to Batch 2006 students, and for Batch 2007 students of three-year programs, they will be allowed to finish their studies using their original curriculum if their remaining number of units is 15 units and below. Otherwise, for those students with more than 15 units remaining, the most appropriate curriculum, with crediting of courses, will be adopted.
  3. For Batches 1990 to 1999 students, they will be allowed to finish their studies on a case-to-case basis and subject to the conditions required by the Institute.
Effective this Fourth Quarter of Academic Year 2011 – 2012."
credits to Mapua website

If I'm reading and understanding correctly, those who belong to Batches 2000 to 2006 with less than 15 units left will be allowed to still follow the curriculum they had during their stay. But why is it that this certain Mapuan was declined of such rights when the policy itself dictated the rule?

Is This Still True? I hope so...
Good thing that something like this never happened during my stay in Mapua but I pity those who are still wanting to continue and finish their courses in our alma mater. I know some people from higher year levels that stopped their schooling for various reasons. I hope that Mapua understand that being in a 4-term school, money is very much essential for the continuance of their study. And with this policy effective this coming term, it seems that they're making the students their own cash cows. It is proper to say now that education really becomes an investment of the child, due to high tuition fees that should be paid every enrollment, by which in our case was always in 3 months time.

I just hope that this issue will be solved without making a big news from it. Let just hope for the best for that Mapuan and of the school also.

You may read the blog post here.


TMR Book Launch Epic Rap-off Parody


So another certified rusher has made an epic video. This time it's a parody of the 'Book Launch Epic Rap-off'! Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng mga rushers, dahil sa The Morning Rush hahaha. Way to go, co-rusher!

Orange Dance Studio's S.W.A.G. Teaser

Don't have something to do this summer? Then check out Orange Dance Studio's teaser for its 2012 Summer Funshop!

For questions, you may visit the Official FB Page of Orange Dance Studio here or check them out on Twitter.


Moron 5 and The Crying Lady

Trailer pa lang nakakaloka na, ano pa kaya yung mismong pelikula? :)) 'Moron 5 and The Crying Lady', the latest movie offer from VIVA Films will surely crack us down from unending laughs. Directed by Wenn V. Deramas who is famous for giving us great family-friendly and comedy-stricken movies, this movie will definitely become a big hit! This is starred by Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford, Marvin Agustin, DJ Durano, Martin Escudero, and John Lapus; showing on Aril 7, 2012, Black Saturday. Nood na!


The Effects of Lack of Sleep

People nowadays tend to throw away their old lifestyle of sleeping and waking up early and in time for everything. It has already been a trend to stay up late, finish what you got to do, cram for it, then take an hour of rest or two. One would be very lucky if he got 3 or more hours of sleep.

A fitness and wellness site had just enumerated the Top 10 Hazards from Lack of Sleep. Here are they:

Higher Blood Pressure
Higher Risk of Heart Attack
Increased Levels of Stress Hormones
Lower Resistance to Illness
Poor Concentration
Low Problem-Solving skills
Memory Lapses
Unpleasant Mood and Depressions
Age Faster Physically due to Disrupted Metabolism
Weight Gain

Apparently, during my college years I always lacked sleep due to the nature of my major [Accounting], given the fact that I had afternoon to evening classes and endless paper works and piles were given to us. So sometimes I experienced symptoms related to the hazards: chest pains, dizziness, weight loss [in my part]. I even had more mood swings when I'm sleepless that's why when my classmates knew it they don't make me angry or what.

I agree that sleep is really vital to maintain our good health. It's the only time that our body do most of the important jobs it requires. So lacking sleep means we're slowing down our body system, thous making ourselves sickly and unable to do work properly. Lack of sleep cause Slow Body Metabolism.

I made sure that I still, at least, get to have 6 hours every night. Lucky for me if I get to sleep for more than 6 hours. I am a heavy sleeper; I'm a self-confessed sleepyhead. That's why even thou sometimes I still feel like 6 hours of sleep won't do just yet, I still get up and wake. During vacations I sleep like a baby; 12 hours is still too short for me. My longest was 16 hours!

But of course, too much sleep will be bad too. Just think of how many meals will be skipped to accomodate your good sleep.

So do check your sleeping habits especially if you're lacking it. If you tend to oversleep better start forgetting to hit that snooze button of your alarm and get up on time. If you lack sleep, don't abandon your bedroom. It's for your leisure and relaxation. Don't just say it. Practice it!

Credits to this site for the 10 Hazards of Sleep.


Eugene Domingo: People's Choice for Best Actress

I just want to share these videos. I've been reading a lot about our very own Eugene Domingo bringing home an award from the recently-concluded 6th Asian Film Awards and how she conquered the stage with HK Sensation Andy Lau but I never got the chance to watch any related videos until now.

I salute you Ms. Eugene! And yes, I agree to you that you're very famous. But now, you're more than just very famous. You're Asia's Choice for Best Actress! Congratulations for that. You really are one of the country's pride. I hope you'll be more successful, and yes, I am also praying for Eugene-Andy movie tandem. It'll be hilariously fun and uber cool!



Nakakatuwa lang tong isang ad ng isang McDonald's store dito sa 'Pinas. Di ko alam kung sang branch to o sang lugar. Ang alam ko lang, me mali sa ad nila. :))

Salamat ke JRhyan na nag-share ng pic na ito sa FB. ^^


Since I've learned that SimSimi has an web browser access I decided to give it a try. First learnt of this cool app from my friend's iPhone. And thou I wanted to continuously 'play' with it I can't.

Just wanna share some funny answers from SimSimi that concerns me. Enjoy!

asked by Romedee

did try it myself to see if there'll be a change of answer. there was! :))

learnt that SimSimi is an ArJoe fan too :D

the most controversial answer ever =))

did laugh on this one. makes sense right?


Moments in the Interview

I just had my 4th work-related interview awhile ago in a consulting firm in Makati. Just like any other applicant, I was nervous for it, at the same time anxious as to what the interview might be. I just want to share some moments, funny and not-so-okay ones, happened awhile ago.

The Math Exam
I am not surprised with this type of test [having been taken one during my IBM Application days]. I was given a half-bond sheet of paper with 10 mathematical problems, good for 10 minutes. It was not that hard, nor was it easy. I was just stumped at some of the questions:

How many minutes are there in 5 years?
What is the 32% of 25?
How many seconds are there in 1 day?

Thou I answered some easily, there was this one question I couldn't solved. If only I had a photo of the questions I would definitely post it here.

Interviewer 1
I found her cute [Spoiler: lesbo moment ;p No I am not! :))] since she's somewhat chinita. Then when she introduced herself [she first said she's Angel], she told me that we shared the same name! And yes, as I looked on her business card, we're having the same name with the same spelling!

The Business Card
It's usual for a consulting firm like theirs to hand out business cards, esp. if it's their nature [Hint: it's from the country which I'm really fond of]. Ms. Angel handed me hers; I received it as how I usually receive business cards [with two hands, maybe because I practiced it before], and then she blurted 'That's the right way of receiving the cards! How'd you know?'. And so I told her. Good job on my part. :D

Interviewer 2
And so, Ms. Angel left and another interviewer came in. Let's name her Ms. HR Consultant 'coz it's something I remembered from her ID. And so, Ms. HRC asked me some questions then ended up asking me for the board exams. She questioned my decision of not taking it up. I answered honestly, stating what's on my mind but it seems she doesn't want my answers. She kept on pushing the 'perks' of having the PRC ID. At the back of my mind I told myself that I should still smile and answer earnestly even thou I am completely pissed at her.

After that interview, Ms. Angel did talk to me again, saying some points-to-consider, like having my phone on for communication, etc. And that ended my interview in that office.

After some time, Ms. Angel called me up regarding my interview tomorrow and the next day with their client.

So much happened for today. I just hope tomorrow will be as swift as today's interview. Tomorrow's destination: Yamato Logistics at Phil. AXA Life Bldg. along Buendia, Makati.


McDonald's PH's McFloat Summer Medley

McDonald's Philippines sure do know who to get for their ads to make it so effective. After seeing this, I want to sip-and-drink the Green Apple McFloat again, at this time of the day!

I want to go to a McDonald's store and make an order: One Large Green Apple McFloat with Extra Large fries. Additional Xian Lim on the roll. To go. Lol!

McDonald's McFloat Summer Medley. Perfect for Summer, just like Me and Xian. Hooray for Today!

Overdosed With Kiss

I just finished re-watching [again] They Kiss Again: It Started With A Kiss 2 and mind you, I just can't get over the story thou I really do know the ending.

For those who don't know this, it's a Taiwanese drama aired years ago, I think around 2007 or 2008. It was the 2nd [but hopefully not the last] installment to the Kiss Series starred by Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin [my 2 fave artists in Taiwan and bysofar, my fave on-screen couple].

And although I know by heart the story, the scenes, and everything related to the show I just can't help still not to get affected by it, more especially that I know the drama is unfinished due to Tada-sama's sudden death [may she rest in peace].

And yes, even though the supposedly ending has been broadcasted already via the 2008 anime version, I still crave for the actors from the Taiwanese version to finally portray them and give more justice to the drama. But of course, there are many things to consider, one is that will Tada-sama's husband allow it.

Well, these are just some thoughts of an avid fan. I just crave for more Kiss sequels, that's all.

Additional thoughts not really connected to the series [but somehow it is]:
- When will I ever have my own 'Jiang Zhi Shu / Irie Naoki'?
- I want to have a house that looks like Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin's Love Nest; looks so comfy and spacious!
- I like to eat at 'Xing Fu Restaurant'. I might find my happiness there. ;p
-And thou I have a 'Di Di' and does look like the chubby Yu Shu, I want him to treat me more like how Yu Shu treats Xiang Qin. :D
- I want someone like Jiang Mama [Shao Zi] as my mom-in-law. That would be cool~
- Even thou I'm the protagonist [of my story], I don't want to get sick, esp. on my eyes.
- If I could turn back time I want to go back to HS and have my ultimate crush that will become my future husband. ;p
- I do have crazy friends but I want more guy crazy friends! :))
- I hope to absorb Xiang Qin's hyper-determination in lots of things. I'm not that determined as much as she was.
- I want an Old English sheep dog! Just an addition to my ever-loving Labrador dogs hehe. :D
- I really would like to visit the places where they shot everything, from the houses down to the school!
and lastly,
- I really would love to have 'The Last Kiss', be it on 2015 [as what Director Winnie said in his 2009 or 2010 interview] or so forth. As long as the actors remain, I'm willing to wait. Please, oh please!

Recently, March 11, marked Tada Kaoru-sama's 13th death anniversary. My prayers go out to her family and friends. Your fans will keep on supporting your works even after your death. May you rest in peace. And yes, thank you Kaoru-sama for this wonderful work of art! You will forever be appreciated.


CNBLUE's Still in Love MV

South Korean Boy Band C.N. Blue has just released their MV for Still in Love. The fangirl in me is alive and kicking once again!

Yong Hwa oppa~~! :)) And much to my research, it was mentioned that Yong Hwa did compose the song. I wonder if he's in that state. Hmm~.

All BOICES out there, let's make this MV on TT and have a million views! BOICES unite!

Despicable Me Trailer: The CJ Corona Defense Panel Edition

Dami kong tawa. Kung yung original na trailer pinatawa tayo nang todo pano pa kaya ito? :))

Credits to Karlayaan of Youtube. :)


Lost in Translation

As I was checking up recochoku.jp for some SNSD chaku uta [cellphone ring tones], I enabled the Google Translate. I know how to read Katagana and Hiragana but to my dismay, most of the characters were in Kanji so I have to seek help from Google Translate.

Much to my more dismay, Google Translate failed to translate the words that much. Check out the pic I attached and see which part it failed.

If you didn't see it, let me tell you. The hovered word were 'Girlhood'; its Kanji says 少女時代. You know what it is in Roman Alphabet? Shoujou Jidai, that translates into Girls' Generation. That should be the word displayed!

Failed translation, Google! Hahahaha. Good thing I know some simple Kanji words. Or maybe I just know '少女時代' because I am a SONE. Nevertheless, it made me laugh hard.

Eto Sa Inyo

Ayoko sa lahat yung pinapamukha sa akin na di ko kayang mag-decide para sa sarili ko, na wala akong kapasidad to make my own judgments and to have my own life. Duhh, anu pa't tumatanda ako kung di ko kaya gawin yung mga yun? =___=

At dahil dyan, eto ang kanta ko para sa inyo! Salamat ka-rusher Ralph sa link. ^^

Mapapamura Ka sa Sarap

Natawa ako dito nang big time! :)) Shemai, kung magkakaroon talaga ng ganito, di ko lang alam kung bebenta ba 'to sa merkado. :))

Salamat sa nag-upload nito sa FB.

New Crocs New You Makeover Contest

Crocs is inviting everyone to join their online contest.

Simply go to their site [click here], tell them the reason why you deserve a Crocs makeover, and viola! You're part of the contest.

Simple di ba?

I've entered mine yesterday and found it was already up on the site. Check the pic.

Andami kong pasikalye iisa din naman yung gusto kong sabihin: I want a makeover from Crocs because I need it! :))

The prizes for finalists from participating countries vary. Kung Filipino ka, the prize will be a voucher for a pair of any Crocs shoe wear every month, good for 12 months. So basically, that's a year-long supply of Crocs! Not bad.

And the Grand Prize winner gets to bring home, check this out, return flights and accommodation to any of your dream city destination, good for two! Not only that, you will have a shopping spree with a beauty and style expert with you. Over-all value of the package? It's just US$8,000! Bongga di ba?

So what are you waiting for? Sali na! Don't let this opportunity pass by. Malay mo, ikaw yung manalo. Pero if you win, can you let me accompany you? :P


Alodia's Birthday Bash

So the country... No, make that Asia's Cosplay Queen, has something in-stored for all cosplay afficionados in celebration of her birthday.

She's inviting all, professional cosplayers or not, to join her on March 31, 2012 for her Birthday Bash's Cosplay Showdown. Read the mechanics here.

As much as I would love to prepare something, I just can't. Creativity doesn't exist that much in my persona. I could imagine such but if I to put it on paper it's gone.

But she said anything could be cosplayed, so who knows. :D

If you're attending, visit the Event Page here and like it!

Cheese Anyone?

Who wants a Defibrillator for toaster? It seems kawaii but the bread looks like the Lungs of a person. Oh well~

Don't be surprised if your doctor began shouting "Nurse! We need 12cc of Cream Cheese stat, ASAP!". :D

Here's What Making Me Busy

Thus I cannot blog at the moment.

Check them out!

Kare Kano [Manga]

Short for Kareshi Kanojou no Jijou.
A story of two highschoolers who were indulged with just being perfect until their fateful meet-up.
I'm reading it from a manga hosting site. Just started reading it this afternoon and now I'm on Chapter 48.
Do check it out here.

Switch Girl [Manga]

Somehow like Kare Kano; it's all about being perfect to other people.
I kinda relate to the story 'coz I sometimes has a switch button. Find out what it is for. Lol~
Currently finished up to the latest chapter [Chapter 36]. Still waiting for the latest release.
Do check it out here.

They Kiss Again [Drama]

This is something I wouldn't get enough of; it's my favorite drama from my favorite manga after all!
Currently on Episode 8... or is it 9? Hmm~
Just check out Mysoju for online streaming. I got this on my hard disk. Hehe.

So there you have it. I'm busy as a bee with all these 'catching-up' on some good titles the manga world has to offer. And oh, I will also check some new Asian dramas currently being shown in Japan, Korea, or in China. That's how addict I am to them, making me feel more anxious towards being an Asian Studies student!

So till then. Jaa ne~ ^^


Just Sharing

Gusto ko lang i-share ito ulit. Can't get enough of Orance Dance Studio CORE. Kasi naman, kung alam mong di naman talaga polished tong pyesa na ito [which is not new to them], masasabi mong NAPAKAganda pa rin ng pyesa. All synched and swaggin'!

So sa mga me gusto ng summer dance funshoop, don't hesistate! I've been their student since 2006 [thou paputul-putol kasi sa mga priorities] pero the money is all worth it. Di lang friends ang mahahanap mo kundi isang pamilya!

Contact them up via ODS Official FB Page or via Twitter. ^^


Siwon and Donghae for Bench Apparel

The New Brand Endorsers of Bench
Bench Apparel, one of the country's top global fashion icon, had announced last night via its Twitter account that 2 members of South Korea's boy group Super Junior will be the latest addition to the ever-growing list of famous celebrities, local and international, that will endorse the said apparel.

Minutes after the announcement has been made, #SiHaeLovesBench, a hashtag made for the occasion, made it to the trending topic not just in the Philippines but also worldwide! ELFs had made another history in the Twitter Trending Topics.

Of course, not only the hashtag #SiHaeLovesBench made it. #Donghae, and #Siwon also became one of the TT. K-pop followers, netizens, as well as ELFs of different nationalities had accepted the news nicely. In fact, Bench's Official Twitter account had gained 2,000 new followers hours after the announcement.

Bench had also released a teaser photo on its twitter account, showing smart preppy-looking clothes intended for the two Hallyu stars. They even released Donghae's picture.

Let's all wait in anticipation for the coming billboards, posters, and print ads from Bench with Siwon and Donghae, because Manila loves SiHae and #SiHaeLovesBench! ^^

credits to uploader


The Kony 2012 Campaign

I saw this post from a fellow Rusher about a certain Joseph Kony and that a global awareness should be made against him. Minutes after, I found myself searching for more information as to what it was pertained to, how the campaign had begun.

Just a briefer: Joseph Kony was the leader of Uganda's militia The Lord's Resistance Army [or simply LRA]. It began in 1986 when it was alleged to have abducted around 66,000 African children and forcefully turned them into human killing machines. Deeply saddening!

And so, I stumbled about different posts and news clips on the internet. But what struck me most was the video made by one group called 'Invisible Children'. Watch it below.

It is quite alarming to know that there are such people remaining in this world. In the world where democracy and sovereignty coexists, there is this one African country that is still under a cultish militia.

Let us spread the word of arresting Joseph Kony. You may also help the charity directly by following these steps:
Donate to Invisible Children here
Purchase KONY 2012 Products here
Sign the Pledge here.

There's nothing wrong with helping them directly. It's your own choice, your own way. As to mine, I'd rather help spread the campaign through blog posts and tweets.

We got the power and the time in our hands. Now's the time to make the world know that we, of different races and from different countries, will join forces for one common goal. These terrorizing acts and force labor to children must be condemned. Let's all help in stopping Kony spread more violence in Uganda and make him visible and get arrested!


A World Without Filipinos Would be Hard

Last Tuesday on The Morning Rush with Chico, Delamar, and Gino, they had this kwela topic on how the world will be if there are no Filipinos. The show was, as usual, a hit for the listeners who wittingly sends entries that may have succumbed the Filipino pride or even helped boosting it.
Two days after, I stumbled upon this article from a friend based in U.A.E.

Such a coincidence!

Basta, as far as I know, if there's no Filipinos, there'll be no happy people in this serious world! Masayahin kasi tayo eh.

Credits to this FB page for the picture.

Cutie Maknae Sings Audition Song Again

Pre-debut pictures and videos has been always a hit to the netizens. Some are ridiculed, some find it cute, just as what the netizens found on Seo Joo Hyun, better known as Seohyun of World-famous South Korean-Girl group Girls' Generation.

Take a look at her audition video [credits to the uploader]:

Yesterday, she guested at Strong Heart [a Korean talk show] and sang the audition show. It was so cute!

The eye expression didn't change, innocent and all! But the way she sings changed. I just love the Seohyun now. :)


Kung Naging Babae Lang Siya

Ganda niya ano?

Pero papaano kung nalaman mo na isa pala syang Lalaki?

Oo. Lalaki siya. Sa totoong buhay.

Look for Kevin Balot sa Facebook or simply go to his FB Page nang magkaalaman na.

Kung naging babae yan for sure madaming lalaki magkakandarapang manligaw sa kanya.

A Message from Dr. Seuss

Need to say more?


Jeon Ji Hyun Gets Married In A Few Months

Jeon Ji Hyun, the actress who gave life to the character of 'The Girl' of South Korean-movie 'My Sassy Girl', has been reported to get married next month to her fiance Choi Jun Hyuk.

One of My All-Time Korean Idol
The model-turned-actress' agency, J & Co. Entertainment, had released a statement today, March 2nd, that she and her 'Oppa' will get married on June 2nd at Seoul.

Reports show that Choi was a graduate Korea University, and that he is a current banker at The Bank of America. He is also the grandson of hanbok designer Lee Young Hee and second son of designer Lee Jung Woo.

They started dating in 2011 and since then, there had been good developments between the two.

Thou I don't personally know Ji Hyun-unnie, I still want to extend my congratulatory remarks to them. Without her and the hit-movie 'My Sassy girl', I wouldn't be exposed to Korean culture.

To Ji Hyun-unnie and Jun Hyuk-oppa, 축하합니다. 세상에서 가장 행복한 두 분이 되길 바랍니다. ^^

Credits to allkpop for the news.

Popped-up By The Wheatgrass Drink

A few weeks ago, Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass had an online promo of guessing the word the Gosiengfiao sisters, Alodia and Ashley, had mentioned in their "How They Show and Feel Love" video. Take a look at it:

Upon watching it for the first time, I had 2 words in mind: Family and Pop-up. But it was clearly indicated in the instruction that the word to-be guessed was on the part of "How do I feel I am loved". They even gave a clue that it's not family nor supports. That's why I stuck with the word "Pop-up".

Thirteen days after, they announced the winner. Guess who won... :D

Yes! It was me! Upon noticing the tweet @WheatgrassTweet made, I hurriedly checked my FB timeline and yes, I found the post!

It was really unexpected for me. Thank you so much Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass!

I also wanna thank the Gosiengfiao sisters, Alodia and Ashley for the inspiration. I've been a silent fan since you became cosplayers and just got out-of-the-shell recently with your frequent TV guestings and appearances. Maybe the fangirl out-of-me got out during the video-watching that's why I was able to keenly hear the words they uttered.

Again, thank you so much Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass and the Gosiengfiao sisters! ^^

Guys join #phchurpchurp now! Get rewarded for your social networks! It's really cool!

Guys join #phchurpchurp now! Get rewarded for your social networks! It's really cool!

So Much For Being a Lovely Sister

So instead of resting and sleeping I'm fulfilling my sister-duties to my ever-loving little brother [notice the sarcasm in that part]. Lol.

So what's keeping me busy and him sleeping? Center of Gravity toys!

Who would have thought that I'll be back to my 4th Yr. Highschool days with this projects, which unfortunately, is due tomorrow. I don't have problems with his project. I'm having problems for his classmates'!

Yes, you read it right. He was commissioned by his classmate [due to him being good at Physics] to do theirs in return of paying him some amount. Not bad!

The sad part is, I am stuck with his duties. =___=

Here's the catch: the payment will be mine!

So I must finish at least 5 toys in order to have Php500.

So what am I doing? Take a look at these:

So I must create something like these. Oh crap~

Good luck to me! Gambatte ne, Angelie~ d^o^b


Bob Ong's Message to All

May mensaheng gustong iparating si Bob Ong sa lahat ng mga estudyanteng naghahanda para sa mga nalalapit na eksamin sa buhay at sa paaralan. Ipinadala ang mensahe para sa isang essay-writing contest sa UP School of Economics na syang binasa ni G. Pats Alcantara.

Paalala na ang bidyong nakalapat dito ay hindi akin at ito'y mula sa opisyal na site ni Bob Ong sa Multiply.

Para sa buong detalye, i-click ang link na ito

My favorite line: Magsulat kayo na ang lahat ay magbabasa, na lahat ay maniniwala, na lahat ay magbabago.

TamaCon: Tama Matsuri

Nihon Kenkyuu Kai in partnership with Cosplay Network Philippines presents you "TamaMatsuri", an event aimed at allowing its participants to experience a Japanese festival, with activities and games being based on those found in actual festivals in Japan.

Mark your calendars on March 24, 2012 from 11am to 9pm. It will be held at Megatrade Hall 1 inside SM Ortigas.

Pre-selling Tickets are sold for only Php115 only; Regular Price at Php130.

For details, check out CNPH Facebook Page.

See you! ^^