[Reviews] Detective Conan Remake

I was surprised to know that 2 of my rusher friends from down south had a mini remake of one of my long-time favorite anime/manga.

Ryan Rafols and Kimy Fernandez both were in the short film, Ryan being the Lead Kudou Shinichi while Kimy was one of the suspects [Emi].

I didn't actually know about this until Ryan replied to one of my tweets that went like 'I'll be watching Detective Conan now'. Then he opened up the story. Much to my persuasion of letting me watch their version, he then gave me the links.

I don't now about other DC fans but I appreciate every move that will depicts the Conan-ism to others, just like this.

Funny thou that I commented not on the story but on the props and the aesthetics of the film, just like the one I did with the prime suspect's eyebags with his line. See the comment here.

But then, I want to just share what was on my mind. So here I go.

It was great thou very typical one. What surprised me is that the Actress Yoko Okino was the one killed! I didn't expect that the victim would be her. If they had a person portraying Mouri Kogorou I'm sure he would have cried and lamented in disbelief.

Not-so for me. I got giddy at first when ShinxRan moments was present but it died out in the middle, during the crime investigation. How I wished that Ran then popped out of nowhere in the crime scene, and got jealous with Satou-keibun.

I got giddy upon hearing my favorite tunes! I was like, 'Hey I know this' thus, making me sing along with them. What I found weird is that they included a 2NE1 song. Thou it may seemed proper but then, a Korean song on a Japanese-remake anime in a Filipino language? Nahh, I don't think so.

This is where they lacked. The acting was convincing. It's just that who wouldn't take a Police Investigator seriously if she wasn't in a Formal Police Attire? Much more that Yoko Okino was an actress so she should have wore some nicer clothes.

Also, Shinichi would have been depicted better if he was in a HS unfirom, with his signature looks and mannerisms.

I'd give this remake a 8/10. As I've said, it was ok but due to lack of some important factors the score went down. But it's still worth sharing to others. Kudos to both of you, Kimy and Ryan. :)