I Have Found Her!

Well, not literally that I found her. It was the other way around.

She found me and it seemed like the greeting that I've made last Monday was the key to find her.

Before the tweet, there was this blogpost. I posted it, dedicated to her but I think only few read 'coz all of us has no single clue of who she is and her whereabouts.

Then I thought of an another resort: thru twitter. :D

I tweeted my daily dose of happiness 2 days after the event [and to which the topic was related to the book launch] and greeted her like we've known each other for years.

the tweet that paved the way to her discovery

Unknowingly and unexpectedly, that single tweet really reached her. I wasn't able to search for her that much 'coz I only know her nickname [I assumed that it was just a nickname, and that her name might be Rowena or Wendy].

A day after, a tweet has reached me that went like this:
the tweet of discovery

When I read that tweet, I hysterically shouted for joy. I never imagined that that tweet will really make it. Then I searched for her on facebook and good thing she accepted me. :)

Her Real Name is Gwendolen So. Twitter name: 8nen8.

And since I have befriended her, might as well add her up on the rushers fb groups to which everyone was happily welcoming her.

Welcome to the group [and to the Rushers family], Gwen. :)

I hope you'll enjoy every moment of your stay at the group and during Rushers events. :)