Francine Prieto on The Morning Rush

Another celebrity has stepped into the crazy world of rushers, and mind you, she's way way crazier that what we perceived her.

This morning we had an opportunity to meet the Half-FLIPino, Half-norWEIRDgian Francine Prieto! Yehey!

flawless beauty as ever

It all started when some rushers [who follows her on Twitter] asked if she wants to visit the famous RX booth, after the visits of other celebrity rushers like Xian Lim. Being a rusher also, she showed her anticipation in doing so. And then, she tweeted one night that she'll be guesting at The Morning Rush.

Oh boy, it was one riot day for all the rushers and listeners awhile ago, literally and figuratively. Thanks to the oozing sex appeal and wit of Ms. Francine who naturally had stunned all of us, and made us laugh hilariously.

What made the visit more epic was the conversations they had in-between the Top Ten entries. It was hilariously great! And oh, don't forget the ambush interview by a former DZMM anchor to Gino Quillamor's Love and yes, Sex Life!

Even the epic pic was great! Thanks to my entry which paved way to the idea of 'pwet ng bata'. My entry goes like this:

And the 'pwet ng bata' epic pic was this:

'Ba't di pantay?' 'Talagang ganun!' LOL

Of course we didn't miss the opportunity to grab some pictures with her. Here are some:

first pic with ms. francine

'pangarap ka na lang ba....'

group pic

with @thepabileguy
epic fan boy of the day: @ron_mojacko

awkward @ginoboi hihi

More pics to come! Just check out my multiply site.

Sadly, the show must end. But it didn't end the fun moments. Ms. Francine told us that it will not be the last, but just the beginning of everything! And we will expect more of her in the coming days.

The Top Ten EPIC Words of the Day [Thank you Ms. Francine Prieto for this]

10. Amoy Mongol Pencil - scent that smell like a wood

9. Face with Abs - facial features that have 'other' features

8. Eps - shortened form of Epal

7. Kataas-taasang, Kasuluk-sulukan, Kadilim-diliman - some points to consider in finding a 'comfortable' and 'convenient' place in the movie house

6. Wise-spender - someone who spends a little for their dates; a.k.a. kuripot!

5. Mouth-to-Mouth Resurrection - making someone cured from his fever

4. Dilim-genic - a person seems aesthetically good-looking in the dark

3. Auto-genic - a person seems aesthetically good-looking when with just a car

2. Pwet ng Bata - referring to some 'other' body parts synanymous to a kid's butt

enn da taff~

1. Amoy Tool box - some eww-y smell that was indescribable in words

'Till next time Ms. Francine! Keep the rushers' blood flowin'. ;)