Farewell Forever, My Dear Dog

This day would have been an usual day for me, if not for the sudden demise of the dog I took care of in my early years of teenage life.

close your eyes. sleep forever. 
My mom woke me up with a sad news: Doydoy the Llasa Apso dog, died in the wee hours of the night. I didn't believe it at first but then, I suddenly heard their conversation downstairs thus, making my tears all piled up in my eyes.

I was just about to get up and start listening to The Morning Rush when all of these happened. My mood changed, don't wanna listen to anything plugged in my ears, don't wanna talk anything norma at all. My head was full of thoughts of Doydoy, how he died, if it was painful, and such.

I couldn't believe also the fact that I was just with him last Sunday and Monday, attending him and his parasites in the body. I even went to the pet clinic to buy the meds he needed to recuperate from them. I didn't anticipate that he might not make it nor he might leave me any moment.

Thou I am sad abut his demise, I am also at peace with his condition. I won't be troubled again about his health. I know that he's in a place where dogs and cats are at peace. I will be appeased to that.

I will surely miss the cam-whore dog that you were.
I will miss you forever Doydoy. You have left me marks, in my heart and yes in my body also, that will be irreplaceable by any pets. I pray that you will still guard us from any deities and such.

I will miss you and your noisy bark, howl, err noises, everything! I will miss you running for us whenever we tried leaving the house. I will miss your puppy and cute eyes, your small yet good-built body. I will miss bathing you and you will then shake your body [even with soaps and shampoos on] to me. I will miss rubbing and combing your beautiful tri-color fur.

Thank you for the almost 10 years that you spent with us. I will long you for the other years to come.

I love you Doydoy. Always remember that, I really do love you. :((

Doydoy's last pic
Farewell Doydoy